Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 3.3): The Obby Maul Pure (Part 3)

Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 3.3): The Obby Maul Pure (Part 3)
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Pking With An Obby Maul Pure

Finally, we get to the “GOODS!!!”

Well, now that you have an Obby Maul Pure, or something of a “Work in progress Obby Maul Pure,” you can get ready to hit the PVP worlds.

You will want to choose your pvp world based on your level. If your new at things, try a less populated world first. Even if there aren’t players your level, just run around, practice encountering with people and what you would do if you were going to attack them for real. Doing this will help you set up to attack faster and make your reaction time when encountering people, or even a clan, to get ready to fight or run!

Once you get used to fighting, which is fairly basic for an Obby Maul pure, you can head to the pvp worlds. For the Obby Maul pure, you have incredible strength for your level bracket. This means you will own for your level if your luck strikes. With a level 1 attack, you will not hit as often as your opponents, meaning that you have to make your hits count. I would suggest using super sets, because they will help.


Possible Pker Gear 2

Strategy to Own

For Obby Maul pures, pking can mainly be done around banks and the GE. Here you can 1v1 other Obby Maul pures. That pritty much the extent of the Obby Maul pures pking. You gain more experience than wealth. You will get good, fun action while you learn how to move you mouse fast and more accurately. Its pritty much a beginner style pking.

Obby Maul Pures can get range, too. Range is good to attack your target rapidly and use your Obby Maul as a secondary attack to hit your target with once and a while. Training and using range will also add to your hitpoints level, which you should have it pritty high considering if you have 99 Strength.


Pking Spot and Inventory 1

Pking Spot and Inventory 2

Want More Advanced Pures???

There are more pures you can train to. Keep reading to find out what pure you can become next!

The Obby Maul Pure is the lowest melee pure. There are still 7 more melee pures for melee in specific! Did you know there where so many? You should check them out to see which one fits your style of pking!

Check out Part 4 of the Runescape Pking Rs Guide to see what the Granite Maul Pure has in store for you! Its a little more advanced, so make sure you are getting the hang of the game. You will need to train up attack, which means new weapons to pk with! So, check out the Granite Maul Pure in Part 4!

Good Luck to all the Obby Maul Pures!!

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