Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 2): Introduction to Pure Accounts

Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 2): Introduction to Pure Accounts
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Setting Up Your Account’s Levels To Own!

As a Runescape player, you have the choice your account with as you please, subject to the rules of Runescape of course. =P

So why not make a good account? You’re just starting out in the game, or have created a new account, and you can make some awesome choices with your account if you set it up to fight in pvp worlds. You can also join teams or clans for pking, which will gain friendships with your pking buddies, who have similar stats and levels, and always have people to go pking with and help protect you from getting piled by a clan yourself. As you progress through Runescape, you can choose to upgrade to the next available account set up. These special account set ups are called pure accounts.

What Do You Mean - Pure Accounts?

Have you ever seen those little “noobs” as most people say with their low level combat accounts, but yet they still are sporting that strength skill cape or the defense skill cape? Level 80’s beating level 110’s while pvp pking. Better yet, seeing a level 54 running around with a strength cape! Good Stuff!! These are pures, trained to fight. It’s sort of like having a sub-category of mele you have to choose.

There are several pures that will be gone through. Mele pures have the several strength pures and the Max Pker, which will take forever to get, but will be fun. Range pures and mage pures are high defense with either range or mage skills, or even both.


-Helping You Choose a Pure Account-

You will find, in this Rs guide series, the several different types of pures. It is up to you to choose which one to train for. I will provide the details for each, concerning levels, armor, weapons, and a general runescape pking guide for that specific pure. You will be able to read more about how to pk with your desired pures down the road, when we discuss pking with clans later on in the series.

One good thing to remember is to not get confused, upset, or feel lost because you can’t find the pure you like, and you keep dyeing in wild. The good feature behind pure accounts is their ability to progress and become a different pure. What I mean is, start low with basic pures. Yes, you will have to choose what type of attacking you want to do, range, mage, or melee. The good thing is, after that you can use those stats for a while and decide to train into another pure. So start with the lower level pures, experience them, and decide if you want to stay there of level up.

So, keeping with the “starting low” concept, we will start with the lowest melee pure, The Obby Maul Pure.


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