Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 6): The Abyssal Whip Pure

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The Abyssal Whip Pure

The last pure before training defence is the Abyssal Whip Pure. The Abyssal Whip Pure has the stats 70 Attack, 99 Strength, 1 Defence. It is again only 10 levels of defence adove the DDS Pure, but allows you to use a better initial weapon than the DDS Pure.

This Abyssal Pure wears the same as the rest of the 1 Defence pures, which is monk robes or full iron with a strength amulet. This pure also wears mithril gloves, an unholy book, and climbing boots. These are all obtained through quests, and if you take a look at “Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 4): The DDS Pure”. Your special weapon is the DDS. Although you are now at a higher Attack level, the best special weapon you can use is the DDS. You may want to buy dragon claws, but they are very expensive.

Training the Abyssal Whip Pure

This pure is trained at the at Relleka, along with the lower pures who contain 1 Defence. You can train here until you are the Abyssal whip pure, and then after until you are at least 40 Defence. This spot gives very good exp and the Rock Crabs that you train on will not hit you a lot, meaning a low cost easy training creature. You can find a guide with a map to Relleka in

“Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 3.2): The Obby Maul Pure (Part 2)".

Pking with the Abyssal Whip Pure

Well, if you were already the G Maul Pure and the DDS Pure, you already know everything you need to know to pk with the Abyssal Whip Pure. Your abyssal whip will take the place of your rune scimitar, your dragon scimitar, or your dragon longsword, depending on your pure before you became an Abyssal Whip Pure.

You can either 1v1 or go in a clan. I will explain how to pk in a clan in a later article, so I will explain the 1v1 pking with an Abyssal Whip Pure. Your whip should be your first weapon. Run in poted up with strength potion and attack potion. Hit your oponnent until he is low enough to kill him with your DDS special attacks. Depending on your level, you may want to use the DDS first, attack your oponnent with all your special attacks, and switch to your whip for your final attacks. You may be able to kill your opponent with yous special attacks, which is always awesome when it happens!

Whats Next??

Now that you know about the Abyssal Whip Pure, you can move on if you get bored. The only way to move onto a different pure is to train defence. You can train defence on Rock Crabs until you are 40 Defence. Once you are 40 defence, you can train on two other monsters, which will be explained as part of the Rune Pure articles, which will come next in the series.

“Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 7.1): The Rune Pure” will introduce the first pure with defence. It will explain new armor to be used and also the quests needed to get those items. It will also explain how to pk with the Rune Pure.

“Runescape Pking Rs Guide (Part 7.2): The Rune Pure” will introduce 2 of the best training spots for the Rune Pure and the rest of the pures that are left, including the Rs Max Pure, which is the highest levels of all! These monsters to train on are Giant Spiders and Bandits.

Continue reading this Runescape Pking Rs Guide Series to learn all you can about Pking in PVP worlds and detailed guides for each of the pures incorporated in pking.

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