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Runescape Guide to the Defense Skill

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Benjamin Sell ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

A look at the the defense skill in Runescape, the free mmo game online. Examine how defense in Runescape works and a way to leveling defense in Runescape. Also, find out about other Runescape skills.

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    Defense RS 

    Another one of Runescape’s ample skills is the skill of Defense, which this Runescape guide wukk explain. It is one of the combat skills most important aspects, with it lessening the amount of hits that the enemy will be able to place upon you. It is with the skill of Defense that you will be able to wear bigger and better armor throughout your stay in Runescape. Defense is put into the attacking categories of Stab, Crush, Magic, and Range.

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    Defense in Runescape

    When a player opens up the Character Armor option, seen by the body icon on the tray of the Runescape screen, you’ll see “Equipment Stats". Clicking this will show the character and their equipped items, their attack bonus, their defense bonus, and other bonuses the character has. The words “Equip your character" will be there, the total weight that you are carrying too. The heavier you are, the slower you are going to move and the less agility you are going to be having.

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    Defense Bonus Stats

    Under the “Attack bonus" section and before the “Other bonuses" section, you’re going to see the Defense bonus. This is in six categories; Stab, Slash, Crush, Magic, Range, Prayer, and Summoning. These are all different areas that RS weapons can do damage.

    • Summoning Defense – Decreases the chance that Summoning familiars will hit you.
    • Prayer Defense – The more you have the decrease in speed of your prayer draining.
    • Range Defense – Keeps arrows and darts from hindering you more often.
    • Magic Defense – Protection against dragon breath and magical attacks.
    • Crush Defense – Protection from maces and punches, and other blunt attacks.
    • Slash Defense – Protection from claws and swords, and other slashing attacks.
    • Stab Defense – Protection from daggers and spears, and other stabbing attacks.
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    Defense Armor

    There are several different types of armor that the player can wear to boost their Defense in the game. There is a varying range of styles and heaviness, of course the heavier the armor the more protection and less speed the player will have. This is going to be up to the player and the style of game play that they use (mages won’t be using heavy armor for instance). Finding a good balance of armor that gives the player perks with the armor that will give the player the best defense is always preferred.

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    Extra Defense Items

    There are other ways to increase the defense of a player, which is through prayers and potions that can be created through the herblore skill.

    Potions, which help the Runescape defense skill, include the defense potion (+3-12%) and the super defense potion (+5-19%).

    Prayers that can help defense include: thick skin (+5%), rock skin (+10%), steel skin (+15%), piety (+25%), chivalry (+20%), protect from magic prayer, protect from summoning, protect from missiles, and the protect from melee prayer.

    These are just some of the many variations of how the skill of Defense in Runescape is used and helped.

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