Overview of Mage Armor in Runescape

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Mage Armor

Like Rangers, Mages in the game of Runescape have some specially designed armor. These pieces give buffs that are more suited for a spellcasting player. Only one of them is available in the free edition of the game. Find out all about the armor sets and which one is better suited for your particular character.

Mage Robes – There is no extra defense for attacks that are ranged or melee, but it will give you extra defenses against magic and it will give you an increased advantage to doing spellcasting. This is the only mage armor set that is available in the free edition of the game.

Splitbark Armor – It will give you defenses for both magic and for the melee attacks, while still giving you spellcasting advantages. You can play the Shades of Mort’ton minigame to find the pieces of this particular armor set. It is found in the members paid edition of the game.

Mystic Robes – These do not give defenses toward ragined or melee attacks, but they give a bigger boost to casting and magic defense than mage robes. It is also found in the members paid edition.

Infinity Robes – These armor pieces give advanced stat bonuses to magic and are a bit better than mystic robes. They are found in the Mage Training Arena or by trading with another player in game. It is found in the paid edition of the game.

Skeletal Armor – This armor set is good for increasing the magic of the wearer while offering good defense against melee attacks. It isn’t good for ranged attacks though. The body pieces you’ll need to make this armor will be found by slaying dagannoths on Waterbirth Island. These are not found in the free game.

Ahrim’s Robes – These are armor pieces that are found in the Barrows minigame and if you get the armor and the weapon you’ll have a set effect too. It is a powerful set of armor to get. You’ll have to have the paid edition of the game to find it.

Elemental Amor – These are found as elemental or mind varieties and they have great protection against magic attacks. These armor pieces do very well in battles with skeletal wyverns. It is not found in the free Runescape game.

Third Age Robes – Powerful magic attack and defense buffs on these armor pieces but it will not offer you any protection for melee or ranged attacks. It is not found in the free game, only in the members paid edition.

Now that you know what will be available in your Runescape game and whether you’ll find it in the free or the paid for edition, what armor will you be draping your Mage in tonight?

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