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The Runescape Range Guide to Get 99 Range the Easy Way

by: Christopher Kochan ; edited by: Michele McDonough ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Here is the Runescape Range guide to get you 99 Range fast and easy. From this Runescape Ranging guide, you can learn how to get 99 Range the cheap way with Pest Control, or the more expensive way with the Red Chinchompa guide. Either way you choose, you are bound to get 99 Range very easily.

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    Introduction to Range Training

    Article Image In Runescape, there are many people who think following a Runescape range guide to get 99 Range is either a waste of time and money; or Runescape Range training and the entire skill is useless. Then, there are other people who think the Range is one of the most useful and powerful skills in the game.

    Everyone has their own feelings towards the Range skill, but anyone and everyone can use Range in some way. Range can be used for mini-games, while training Slayer, going to house parties to attack friends in combat rings, using it to protect yourself while getting ep and doing the 26k and 76k Bounty Hunter trick, and even its most popular use – pking in Bounty Hunter or PVP worlds. However, it's the monotony of training the skill that really turns people away from even training the skill above level 70-80.

    Training to 99 Range is much easier than getting 99 runecrafting or 99 woodcutting. Also, training range is more fun than training to 99 fletching, prayer, fishing, hunting, magic and cooking, since there is much less repetition involved in training to 99 range.

    So, in order to let every Runescape player see that Range isn't all that bad to train and can be one of the most useable skills to have level 99 in, here is a Runescape Range guide. This Runescape ranging guide will break down levels 1 to 99 in increments and show you where and how to train to 99 Range, quick and easy.

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    99 Range Emote Pictures

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    Level 1-15

    What to Wear

    Since you are just starting your journey to Range training to 99, you won’t really be able to wear and wield any special types of armor, bows, or arrows. Just grab a standard bow and an Oak bow, iron and steel arrows, and some hard leather armor. If you are a member, you can grab some spined gloves and boots, with an Archer’s helmet, if you have 45 defense and have completed Fremennik Trails. The reason you need a standard bow, Oak bow, and both iron and steel arrows, is because at level 5 you can switch from standard and iron arrows, to an Oak bow with steel arrows. It just saves you a trip to the bank if you wish to keep training and get the most Range experience as possible.

    Where to Train

    Article Image Article Image When you start following this Runescape Range guide and begin training at level 1, you have to start slow. You are going to want to train on Hobgoblins until you reach around level 15. There are two recommended spots to train on Hobgoblins. The first spot is near Lumbridge, right across the bridge that leads towards the gate to get into Al Kharid. Once you cross that bridge, take a left and there will be Hobgoblins all around the walking path and in the hut to the left of the walking path. The second spot for hobgoblins is west of Varrock and southwest of the Grand Exchange. If you head west out of Varrock, walk along the path and before you cross the bridge entering into Barbarian Village, take a right Article Image Article Image and there will be Hobgoblins for you to train on.

    Keep reading onto page 2 to learn how to train Range levels 16-70!

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    Level 16-50

    What to Wear

    Continuing on with this Runescape range guide, for Levels 16-50 follow the skill guide, which is provided once you click on your Range skill icon, to see what you can wear after you achieve each level, until you reach 50. Once you reach 28, you can finally use a Bone Crossbow with Bone bolts (if you are a member). These crossbow and bolts are very cheap and hit hard as well. You can use these from here on out until 99, if you decide to do Pest Control. If you decide to use Red Chinchompas, you can at least use these up to level 70+, depending on when you start using Red Chinchompas. However, we will get into those levels on the next page. Armor for training these levels is up to you. Look at the guide by clicking on the Range skill, in your stats section, and pick out stuff based on what level you are in Range. You don't need to worry about defense bonuses for training these levels, because you will be hiding behind a wall to train to 50.

    Article Image Where to Train

    My favorite place for great Range experience, and also Magic experience for lower levels, is under the hut at level 28 Hill Giants, located west of Varrock, southwest of the Great Exchange, and north of the Hobgoblins. You need a brass key to get in Article Image the hut, but you can buy one at the Great Exchange for around 160 gp. Once in the hut, go down the ladder. When you get down in the tunnels, head south all the way until you hit a wall of bones. There is a spot where you can hide behind the bones and attack the Hill Giants, without them even hitting you! You can, if you wish, collect the drops. They often drop Limpwroots, which if collected from level 16-50, could make you some good cash. Once you achieve level 50, you can now move onto the next section of this Runescape Range guide.

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    Level 50-70

    What to Wear

    Now that you are level 50+, you can advance in your Runescape range training techniques and you should be wearing either blue, red, or black dragonhide armor, based on what level you are. You should still be using the Bone Crossbow and Bone bolts, and you can decide to wear any other type of gear for defense bonus or range attack bonus. You don't have to worry about dying, since the best way to train these levels is at Pest Control.

    Where to Train

    Article Image For these levels of this Runescape Range guide, I would say the best way to train is at Pest Control. Although you might hit low and get slow Article Image experience while actually playing the game, you will get fast experience from the points you earn. Use all your points for range experience and it shouldn't take you too long to level up. You will get faster experience than you would just training on monsters, as long as you get into a good world where the boats are winning. Another reason this is a good place to train once you hit 50 is because you can't die and lose your items! Plus... you earn money every time you win! Could you ask for anything more?!?!

    To get to the Pest Control Minigame, head to Port Sarim located south of Falador. Go to the Squire and take the boat to their outpost. It costs nothing and you'll end up on the island where Pest Control is located. Once Article Image you get there, there will be 3 different boats, pick the boat based upon your combat level and start killing monsters! Make sure to get Article Image at least 50 hitpoints of damage off the monsters, or else they say that you haven't proven yourself worthy of points and money. Collect points and turn them in 100 at a time. Doing this will get you more experience than turning one or ten points at a time.

    Go on forward to page 3 in order to learn two ways on how to get from level 70 to 99 Range!

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    Runescape Range Training from 70-99 Range

    Once you get to 70 Range, you really come to a fork in this Runescape Range guide. You need to make the choice to whether you will continue doing Pest Control to get to 99 Range and even make money from getting the skill cape, or do you want to go the fastest way possible and spend some money, in order to get 99 Range in only a couple of days. The next two sections of this Runescape Range guide will explain both ways to get 99 Range, in order to help you make the decision for which way to get the skill cape is right for you.

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    Level 70-99 : Pest Control

    What to Wear

    Article Image Article Image To train at Pest Control past 70, you really should get the full Void Range set up, which includes the gloves, top, bottom, and the Void Ranger Helmet. You can obtain these by turning in points you earn playing Pest Control to a Void Knight. Total, you will need to obtain 850 points to get the full setup. You can keep using the Bone Crossbow and Bone bolts if you have been using them; however, like said before, if you have 55 Slayer, you can choose to use Broad Tipped Arrows, which is highly recommended as they deal tons of damage! If you are serious about getting 99 Range fast, you should get Broad Tipped Arrows, as Bone items will hit less.

    Just keep playing Pest Control all the way to 99 Range. You might want to join a Pest Control clan so you can always find good worlds. Just log into a Pest Control marked world and you should see people advertising many different clans for many different leveled players. If you don't get into a Pest Control clan, it might be hard for you to get 99 Range with Pest Control, because often the best worlds that win every single time are not the worlds marked as "Pest Control Worlds" by Runescape. Clans will often times go to a non-marked world to get away from lower level players. That is why, if you can get into a PC clan, you can ensure 99 Range to come fast by getting into those secret winning worlds!

    Head over to page 4 to learn where you can read the Red Chinchompa guide.

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    Level 70-99 : Red Chinchompa Guide

    For the Red Chinchompa guide, you are definitely going to want full Range Void armor, and every piece of armor that will give you Range attack bonus. Some items recommended are the Ava's Accumulator, Amulet of Fury, Ranger boots, and Archers ring. Of course these are not mandatory; however, you will be spending tons of money getting 99 Range with Red Chinchompas, so you will need all the bonuses you can get to get the highest hits possible, resulting in the most experience earned per Chinchompa possible.

    In your inventory, make sure to have a couple of food items, one teleport tab to Varrock, and the rest should be Prayer Potions. I usually take about three Monkfish and 24 Prayer Potions for each trip. Each trip you can use about 2-3k Red Chinchompas. The number of Red Chinchompas needed is different for everyone; however, you can plan on spending 25-30 million gp if you start from 70 and go to 99!

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    25-30 Million GP!!!

    I bet the question you are thinking right now is: "Why would anyone want to spend that kind of gp to get 99 Range?!?!"

    Well, if you were to do it the Pest Control way, you could probably get 99 Range in a couple of weeks and even make money. However, with the Red Chindhompa guide, you can cut that time into a couple of days!

    Personally, I did it this way, being the impatient person that I am. I started from 70 Range and went all the way to 99 Range in only 2 days! However, I did spend 29 Million gp; so I took on a huge expense compared to many other people who have 99 Range, but it only took me eight days of Dragon Impling hunting to get that 29 million gp. Ten days of work making the money and then throwing Red Chinchompas is really nothing compared to 21-30 days of work that Pest Control could take!

    Some other ways you can make money to get 99 Range on your account is by training Slayer with the Runescape Slayer Guide to get money from Slayer Monster drops, doing the Bounty Hunter 26K and 76K Trick for some quick money killing your target, following the Runescape 99 Herblore Guide to make money with herbs and potions, or even following the Runescape Armadyl Guide to get rich from Armadyl Hilt Drops.

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    Red Chinchompa Training Spot

    Article Image To train with Red Chinchompas for this Red Chinchompa guide, head to Ape Atoll island where you will train on Skeletons. Once on Ape Atoll, head to the southern part of the island, near the center of the woods. You should find a ladder leading into the Article Image ground. Go down the ladder and you will enter a winding tunnel. Go through the tunnel until you come to a U-shaped corner with skeletons walking around. Here is where you will train. You will want to have Protect from Melee on at all times, and drink a sip of prayer potion every time your prayer gets low. Run around, without getting hurt by the spikes in the floor, while killing the skeletons. More and more skeletons will appear, until you have around 20-30 around you.

    Once you have that many, head over and sit underneath an overhanging piece of rock so you don't get hurt by the falling rocks. Just keep throwing Red Chinchompas at the middle of all the skeletons, and you will attack many at one time. If you are doing it correctly, you should be geArticle Image tting around 150 to 500 exp for each Red Chinchompa thrown. Once you are out of supplies, teleport to a bank, gather more supplies, and head back for another trip. It shouldn't be long at all before you have that nice green cape on your back, with the orange trim if you already have another 99 skill.

    Thanks for reading. Good luck getting 99 Range!

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