Runescape Fishing Guide 1-99: Getting There Fast

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Runescape fishing is one of the longest skills to master and get the 99 fishing skill cape, simply because there really aren’t any shortcuts. Besides the small amount of fishing experience given as rewards from quests or the possible experience gains from random events, there are really no shortcuts to getting 99 fishing. It could take months for some people to reach 99 fishing; however, this Runescape fishing guide should give you a couple tips to get 99 fishing fast.

In the following section, we will go through the F2P Runescape fishing guide, in order to show all the players playing in free worlds how they can get 99 fishing, or at least begin working towards getting 99 fishing in Runescape, so the journey to 99 fishing seems much shorter once they become a member, in the future.

Once you are a member or if you are already a member, head over to Page 2 in order to find out what can help you get 99 fishing faster, along with a couple tips to get 99 fishing in P2P worlds. Then, if you are a member and have at least level 40 in the Runescape fishing skill, you should continue onto Page 3 of this Rs Fishing guide, in order to learn how to get 99 fishing in P2P worlds.

Runescape Fishing Guide F2P

This section of the Rs fishing guide is dedicated to those Runescape players who are not yet members. One major disadvantage of not being a member for the Runescape fishing skill is that you cannot go fishing for high level fish, resulting in a limited amount of experience per hour you can gain.

The best way to get 99 fishing in F2P worlds is by doing some Runescape fly fishing! Fly fishing requires a fly fishing rod and feathers, which can all be bought at the fishing stores located throughout Runescape, near the water’s shores. When you head out to do some Runescape fly fishing, you are only going to be catching salmon and trout, which can actually all be used to follow the F2P 99 Cooking guide, in order to get the 99 cooking cape in Runescape Free to Play worlds.

The best place to go Runescape fly fishing is right next to Barbarian Village, along the shores of the river. One downside to this Runescape 99 fishing spot in F2P worlds is it is always crowded! If you find yourself fishing with more than two other people, you are better off hoping to a new world and begin fishing where there aren’t so many people. This will allow you to get 99 fishing, in F2P worlds, as fast as possible.

Now that you’ve read through the Runescae fishing guide for F2P players, keep reading on Page 2 to see the some items and learn some tips, which can all help you get Runescape 99 fishing fast. Finally, continue onto Page 3 in order to find out the best Runescape fish to catch to get 99 fishing fast in P2P worlds.

A Few Rs Fishing Guide Tips

1.) The Tip to Get 99 Fishing Fast

The best tip every Runescape player should know, in order to get through this Rs fishing guide 1-99 and get the 99 fishing skill cape in the shortest amount of time, is to always find the emptiest worlds possible. Although you may love chatting with new Runescape players, it’s much better to find a friend working towards 99 fishing, as well, and simply find empty worlds. This will allow both of you to get the most amount of experience possible, while also being able to work together to protect your sacred fishing spot!

2.) The Runescape Fishing Money Making Tip

One of the best advantages of working to 99 fishing is the amount of Runescape fishing money you can earn, simply by having your Runescape character fish in various spots and running to the bank every once in awhile to empty your inventory. Obviously, some fish are more valuable than others; however, fishing losbter, monkfish, and sharks are some of the best choices, since they are always high in demand.

3.) Runescape Fishing for 99 Cooking

Finally, the last tip in this section of the Rs fishing guide is to simply save all of your fish, if you really don’t need the Runescape GP right away. This will allow you to use them to train to all the way to 99 cooking, just like in this 99 Cooking Guide.

The P2P Rs Fishing Guide: Items to Get 99 Fishing Fast

In P2P worlds, one of the many advantages is the ability to wear items, such as gauntlets or gloves, which can increase the experience per action, depending on the skill and the specific item’s bonuses.

For fishing, there are the Swordfish fishing gloves and Shark fishing gloves, which both increase the experience gained per fish caught by 100 experience. These can be obtained at the Fist of Guthix mini-game with 200 Fist of Guthix tokens; however, they do crumble after 1,000 of the fish has been caught, so you may need to get a couple pairs in order to really notice the significance of going through the trouble of earning and using these fishing gloves to get 99 fishing fast.

Now that you know a three tips to help you get 99 fishing fast and the two pairs of gloves which could help you obtain some extra experience while working through this Runescape fishing guide, continue reading onto Page 3 of this Rs fishing guide, which will let you know which fish you should catch to get 99 fishing fast in Runescape P2P worlds.

The Best Fish to Catch to Get 99 Fishing Fast in Runescape P2P Worlds

Although there are many fish you can catch once you become a member and start training through levels 1-99 fishing in Runescape, there are only three P2P fish that should be considered to be caught all the way to 99 fishing. This section of the Runescape fishing guide will explain the three best fish to catch to get 99 cooking in Runescape P2P worlds, as well as each of the advantages associated with fishing for each of the three fish.


Catching lobsters to get to 99 fishing fast is probably the most used strategy amongst Runescape players, simply because of the high demand for the fish in both F2P and P2P worlds, since people playing in P2P worlds supply all the lobsters to every player in Runescape, since F2P fishermen cannot catch these.

Another great advantage is how fast lobsters can be caught. Once you get to a certain level, it begins to feel like all you are doing is running back and forth between the bank and the river, with only a few seconds in-between, which are used to simply fill the inventory full of fresh lobster!


Fishing for monkfish in Runescape can be even faster than fishing for lobsters to get 99 fishing in Runescape, simply because less people tend to target these fish, leaving a much larger supply of fish to be caught and a huge demand to fill! These can also make some very decent amounts of money, even after you have obtained 99 fishing.


The last type of fishing, but certainly not least rewarding, is to go fishing for sharks to get 99 fishing in Runescape. First, you can make the extra effort to get Shark fishing gloves and earn an extra 100 exp for every shark you catch. Also, sharks sell for way more Runescape GP than lobster and monkfish; while sharks also gain more experience per fish caught and encountering the same levels of demand as lobster and monkfish.

Rs Fishing Guide to 99 Fishing: The Final Tip

The final tip I can give you when training to any level 99 skill, especially trying to train to 99 fishing to 99 cooking, is to always work in breaks and have some fun with the game! If you continue training through only one skill at a time for several hours at a time, you will most likely get bored and end up turning your back on your original goals. Instead, work through a couple levels and take a break!

Maybe check out the Armadyl Hilt Guide or the Runescape Herblore Guide to earn some quick Runescape money, while you take a break from working on getting 99 fishing.

If you are one to stay productive, check out the Runescape Range Guide in order to work in one more level 99 skill in-between your sessions training for 99 fishing!

Hopefully you’ve learned some valuable information from this Rs fishing guide to help you get 99 fishing fast in Runescape, while even making some extra Runescape GP along the way.

Good luck on your journey to 99 fishing!

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