Best Items for Boosting Fishing Skill Level in Runescape

Best Items for Boosting Fishing Skill Level in Runescape
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Fishing Potions

One of the easiest ways to boost your Fishing skill level on Runescape is to use a Fishing Potion. If you have a Herblore level of 50 or higher, you can mix these potions yourself. However, you can also buy these potions at a fairly reasonable price on the Grand Exchange with a four-dose potion costing about 320-350 gp.

One swig of a fishing potion will temporarily increase your Fishing level by 3. This can be very helpful if you want to enter the Fishing Guild at level 65 instead of 68 or if you want to increase your chances of catching better fish that you can sell for a higher price on the Grand Exchange.

Fish and Admiral Pies

Another way to temporarily boost your Fishing level is to consume either a Fish or Admiral Pie. Both of these pies can be created and baked with the Cooking skill – a Fish Pie requires a Cooking level of 47 to bake while an Admiral Pie requires Cooking level 70. These items can also be purchased on the Grand Exchange or traded with other players.

Each of these pies has two servings with the Admiral Pie giving a better stat bonus. A single bite of a Fish Pie will raise your Fishing level by 3 while a serving of Admiral Pie increases the stat by 5.

Brown Spicy Stew

Although it is not quite as dependable as other methods, consuming a serving of brown spicy stew may increase your Fishing level by up to 6 points. However, because of the randomness of the item, it could also decrease your level by up to the same amount. Brown spicy stew will also affect other stats such as Mining.

Summoning Familiars

Fishing in Catherby

There are several familiars that you can call using the Summoning skill that will boost your Fishing abilities. Among them are the Granite Crab, Ibis, and Granite Lobster. The bonuses given by these familiars are invisible so they won’t help you catch higher level fish or get into the Fishing Guild at an earlier level, but they can help you be faster and more efficient at catching the fish available at your normal level.

The Granite Crab can be called with a Summoning level of 16. In addition to giving a +1 invisible boost to Fishing, the familiar will also forage for cod, pike, seaweed, and oysters while you are fishing.

With Summoning level 56, you can call the Ibis. This familiar gives an invisible boost of +3 to your Fishing level. Also, while you are fishing, the Ibis will forage for tuna and swordfish. It will even give you a small bit of Fishing experience when it manages to find a swordfish.

The Granite Lobster is a familiar that can be called at Summoning level 74 and is quite popular with those who have a high enough level to summon it. It gives an invisible boost of +4 to your fishing level and forages for swordfish and sharks even if your Fishing level isn’t high enough for you to catch these fish on your own. Also, it will shift some of the Fishing experience from these catches to you, making it a great companion if you’re trying to train quickly.

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