Runescape Guide: Fishing Contest Quest Walkthrough

Runescape Guide: Fishing Contest Quest Walkthrough
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The Fishing Contest

One quick and easy Runescape quest that has a couple of nice rewards is the Fishing Contest. Even if you’re a new player, you should be able to handle this quest if you’re careful and run from anything that attacks you. (We’ll give more details on that aspect of the quest in the walkthrough below.) In fact, the toughest part of this endeavor – for new players, at least – may be getting over to the Catherby area where it begins.

The quest may only be worth one point, but it also gives 2437 Fishing XP and access to the shortcut tunnel under White Wolf Mountain as additional rewards, making it well worth the time to complete as soon as you can.

That’s not the only thing that makes this quest worthwhile, though. Fishing, just like hunting, can be a great way to make money in Runescape, even at very early levels. By granting the shortcut to Catherby, this quest makes it easier to get to some of the more lucrative fishing grounds.

Supplies and Prerequisites

Farming Shop in Catherby

The only prerequisite for the Fishing Contest is a Level 10 Fishing skill. Most people will already have this level from small net fishing in Lumbridge. However, even if you don’t, you can easily get to that point once you reach Catherby.

In addition, you’ll also need the items on the following list, but they can all be found in the Catherby area or you’ll pick them up along the way in the quest.

  • Fishing Rod – If you don’t have one yet, you can buy one for 5 gp at Harry’s Fishing Shop in Catherby.
  • Fishing Contest Pass – You’ll pick this up from Austri or Vestri when you start the quest.
  • Garlic – This item respawns on a table in a house in Seers’ Village that is just off the main road, southwest of the bank.
  • Spade – You’ll need a spade in order to dig up the red vine worms that you’ll be using for bait in the contest. If you don’t have one, you can buy one at the Garden Shop next to the farming area in Catherby.
  • Red Vine Worms – You can dig these worms up in McGrubor’s Wood as long as you have a spade in your inventory. It’s a good idea to dig up several of these just so you won’t have to make another trip if you accidentally make a mistake during the quest. Since the worms are like fishing bait and only take up one slot in your inventory no matter how many you’re carrying, you can dig up as many as you like.
  • 5 gp – In addition the Fishing Contest Pass, you’ll also need 5 gp to enter the competition. You might want to carry a little bit extra, though, since you’ll have to pay this fee each time you re-enter the Fishing Contest area.

Quest Walkthrough

Start out by talking to one of the two dwarves, Austri or Vestri. These dwarves live in cabins on either side of White Wolf Mountain – one is northwest of Taverly and the other is just north of Catherby. It’s easier to talk to the dwarf on the Catherby side of the mountain since all of the other events will be taking place in that area.

Talking to Vestri

During the conversation, you’ll reach a point where you can offer to be a friend to the dwarf. There will be some more dialogue about the Fishing Contest in Hemenster. Eventually, you’ll be given the Fishing Contest Pass.

Walk over to Hemenster. On the way, pick up the garlic from the house in Seers’ Village if you haven’t gotten it yet. Also, make sure that you have the spade, fishing rod, and at least 5 gp in your inventory. When you get to Hemenster, visit Grandpa Jack in the house located in the north part of the town. He’ll give you some tips for the contest, including information about the red vine worms and where to fish at to win the contest. He’ll also give suggestions that lead to using the garlic in order to “steal” the best fishing spot away from the stranger that’s dressed like a vampire.

Grandpa Jack

Take your spade and go to McGrubor’s Woods. You may also want to take some food here, because there are some aggressive guard dogs in this area. If you’re careful, you should be able to run past them to reach the red vines, but carrying a little food in case you get trapped is a good back up plan. The entrance to McGrubor’s Woods is in the north part of the area. You won’t be able to enter through the house. Instead, squeeze through an open area in the nearby fence.

Once you’ve gotten through the fence, run over to the west side of the house – this is where the red vines are. Using the spade, dig up several red vine worms. You may also want to wait here a little bit to make sure that your “run” energy is fully replenished before dashing back to the hole in the fence to leave the area.

Check Vine for Worms

Now, return to Hemenster with all of the needed items, and enter the Fishing Contest. Before you start to fish, make sure to put the garlic in the pipes near the area where the stranger dressed as a vampire is fishing. Wait a few moments, and he’ll smell the garlic and change fishing spots. Then, you’ll be allowed to fish in that spot.

Put Garlic in Pipes

Continue to fish until the end of the contest is announced – this shouldn’t take very long. During this time, you should catch at least one giant carp. Turn your fish in to the judges and collect the trophy.

Return to the dwarf that gave you the Fishing Contest Pass and give him the trophy. This will complete the quest and you’ll be awarded with 2437 Fishing XP and access to the underground tunnel shortcut between Taverly and Catherby.

Completing the Fishing Contest Quest Congratulations

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