Cooking in Runescape

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The Runescape cooking skill has a lot of great qualities. There is the ability to always fix something to eat so that you can raise your hitpoints. There are several recipes in the site that you can fix. There is quite an extensive cookbook out there. Some things need a stove to cook, others a spit, but there is a great deal that you’ll only need a fire.

Making Sinew

Another gift for cooking aficionados is that you can make sinew for crossbows. They need a strong string, and only master cooks can deal with making. Ok, a level one cook can make it, but still isn’t it cool not to just have food that you can make. Use beef or beat meat and choose the sinew option instead of the edible meat option. Then you can spin it on a spinning wheel to create sinew. It is this that makes some of the cooking option helpful to others as well.

Boosts to Cooking

There are things that you can do to temporarily boost your cooking skill. You can drink things like chef’s Delight drink (for members not for free play accounts). There are also special gauntlets that will increase the chance that the fish that you cook will become food and not be burnt. These are helpful if you fish a lot for your food. These gauntlets and a higher skill will keep you from burning most of your food.


The Cooking skill is fun, and there are a ton of recipes that you can make. There are four pages of Cooking recipes on Brighthub in the Cooking Skill Cookbook. If you have any questions on the food that you can prepare in Runescape, check out the cookbook. It is divided by cooking skill and will tell you precisely how to cook everything in it. Including the experience you’ll receive for making the recipe and the healing points you’ll get when you eat the recipe. Good luck with all your Runescape skills, and hopefully with this guide you can find things to cook quickly and easily.

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