Part Two of The Runescape Cookbook

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Still more of the foods that you can cook in the free mmo game of Runescape. This help in Runescape is good to have so that you can boost your cooking skill and get you items that will buff your hitpoints in the game. These are the cooking recipes in Part Two of the article series, the ones that deal with cooking levels of 11 to 25.

Foods for Cooking Level 11-18

These are all foods that can be made while you are between a cooking level of 11 and 18. Everything is given in the recipe.

  • Chili Con Carne – This requires a cooking level of 11 and it will give you 55 experience points for making. It heals for 5 hps. You make spicy sauce, and add cooked meat while you are holding a knife. Then you can cook on the stove.
  • Thin Snail – This is for cooking level 12. It will heal you for 5 to 7 hps and give 70 experience for creating. You get thin snails from Blamish snails, then cook on a fire or on a stove.
  • Scrambled Eggs – This is for a level of 13 in cooking, heals 5 hitpoints, and gives 50 experience points. Get a knife and bowl, use the eggs with the bowl and cook on a stove.
  • Trout – These can be cooked on a stove or in a fire, give 7 hps and 70 experience, and they are for a cooking level of 15.
  • Roasted Rabbit – You need to kill a rabbit for the meat and cook it on a spit. It will need a cooking level of 16. It will give 72 experience points and 7 hitpoints healed.
  • Jungle Spider – This takes a level of 16 to make. It heals for 7 to 10 hitpoints and it will give 80 experience to make. Get skewer sticks and kill a jungle spider, take the carcass on a stick and cook on a fire. Arrow shafts can make skewer sticks.
  • Lean Snail – This will be for those with a cooking experience of 17 and will heal for 6 to 8 in hitpoints. It will give 80 in experience. You can get these from Blamish snails and cook on a fire or on a stove.
  • Cod – This will need a cooking level of 18 and will heal for 7 hitpoints. It will give 75 experience points for cooking. All you need to cook Cod is a stove or a fire.

Foods for Cooking Level 20-25

These are all foods that can be made while you are between a cooking level of 20 and 25. The entire recipe is given.

  • Meat Pie – These take a level 20 cooking skill to make, will give 110 experience, and is good for 12 hitpoints recovered. You will make these from dough and cooked meat. Use the dough in a pie dish, add the meat, and cook on the stove.
  • Pike – This fish will give 8 hitpoints when you eat it, takes a level 20 cooking skill, and gives 80 in experience. You cook it on a stove or fire.
  • Nettle Tea – This takes a level 20 to make, heals for 3 hps, and gives 52 experience points. You need to get a bowl and nettles. Fill bowl with water and the nettles and cook on stove or fire.
  • Crab Meat – With a level 21 cooking skill, you can get this and get 10 hitpoints healed when you take 5 bites (click on it 5 times). It will give you 100 experience points. After getting the crabs, cook over a fire or stove.
  • Cream – This will only get a single hitpoint healed and it takes a level 21 to make. It will give 18 experience. Take some milk and use a dairy churn to make cream.
  • Roasted Beast Meat – This takes a cooking level of 21 and it will give 82 experience and 8 hitpoints healed when you eat it.
  • Fat Snail – This takes a level 22 to create and heals for 7-9 hitpoints. It will give 95 experience. Get these from Blamish snails and cook on a stove or fire.
  • Egg and Tomato – This will need a 23 cooking level, it will give 50 experience points, and it will heal 8 hitpoints. To make, get a knife, an egg and tomato, and two bowls. Use the egg in a bowl and the tomato in a bow, cook the eggs on a stove, then add tomatoes.
  • Salmon – This will take a cooking level of 25, heals 9 hps, and gives 90 experience points. Cook these on a stove or fire.
  • Stew – This will need a level of 25 to create, will heal upon eating for 11 hps, and give 117 experience. Get a bowl with water, add potato and cooked meat, then put on stove or fire to cook.


The next section of the cookbook will show you the items you can cook from cooking level 28 to 45. These will have even better buffs to your character and higher amounts of experience that you will get for creating the recipe successfully.

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