Runescape Quest Tips - Quest Guide and Walkthrough to the Cook's Assistant - Solving Cooks Assistant Runescape

Runescape Quest Tips - Quest Guide and Walkthrough to the Cook's Assistant - Solving Cooks Assistant Runescape
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How to Start - Cooks Assistant on Runescape

One of the first quests that you will encounter in Runescape after you finish Tutorial Island is the Cook’s Assistant. The quest starts in Lumbridge Castle’s kitchen. This is on the first floor of the castle in the southwest corner before the stairs. The Cook can easily be identified by his big white baker’s hat. Strike up a conversation with him, and you will discover that he has been charged with baking Duke Horacio’s birthday cake. He has forgotten to purchase some ingredients, and he wishes for you to obtain them for him. He would like some milk, an egg, and some flour.

You will need the following items to successfully complete the quest:

  • 1 bucket
  • 1 pot
  • Milk
  • Egg
  • Flour

You can easily get a pot, a bowl, and a jug from the kitchen in Lumbridge castle. For this quest, you only need the clay pot, so grab that as you head out to finish the rest of the quest. You can easily buy the bucket for 2 gold and the pot for 1 gold at the general store if you do not manage to pick up the free items. You can get the bucket on your way to the cows.

Get the Egg

Lumbridge Farm

Head east out of Lumbridge, and cross the bridge. Go north along the road through the goblins until you see a cow field to your right. Go a bit further north, and there will be a farm on your left (unless you’ve rotated the map). It is on the western side of the road. Open the door and go into the farmhouse. You can grab a free bucket in the northwest corner of the room near the churn.

Go back outside of the farmhouse, and head to the chicken coops to the north. You can pick up two eggs. One spawns in the coop itself, and the other one spawns to the west of the coop. They both reset quickly, so you can actually pick up three or four eggs while you are there to bank for future use.

Get the Milk

Milking Cows in Runescape

At this point, the bucket should have respawned, go ahead and get yourself another bucket. Then head outside the farmhouse and travel south down the road until you get to the gate to the cow pasture. Open the gate and head to the two black and white cow near the dairy maid. Right click the cow and select the “milk cow” option. This will automatically fill both of your buckets. You now have your milk.

Get the Flour

Go back west over the bridge and head north out of town. Go west on the road when you are able to do so. You are heading towards a wheat field and a mill, which is clearly marked on your map. Pick several bundles of wheat before you go into the mill. (I pick as many bundles of wheat as I have pots.) Then go into the mill, and go up the stairs twice to the very top floor. Put one bundle of wheat into the hopper, and then right click the controls to “operate controls”. Now you can put in another bundle of wheat if and repeat the same process. When you are done processing your flour, go down to the bottom floor and “use” your pot on the flour bin. You will be able to fill up the pots as many times as you processed wheat bundles.

Finish the Quest using these Runescape Quest Tips


Now you have all the items necessary for completing the quest. Go back to the Cook in Lumbridge Castle, and strike up a conversation. Give him all your items, and you will discover that he has the dates wrong. He does not actually need to bake a cake for the Duke today. Still, he rewards you anyway.


  • 1 quest point
  • 300 cooking experience

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