Part Four of The Runescape Cookbook

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In the last part of the Cookbook, these will take a cooking level of 46 to 95. These are the upper level recipes that will give better stat buffs and more experience after a successful cook. These are where you’ll see additions to other stats instead of hitpoints as well. All recipes can be made by members, free to play characters may not have all of these at their disposal.

Foods for Cooking Level 46-50

These are all the recipes that can be made while you are between a cooking level of 46 and 50. Everything is given in the recipe.

  • Fried Mushrooms – This needs a cooking level of 46. It gives 5 hitpoints and 60 experience points. Get a bowl, a knife, and a mushrooms. Add mushrooms to the bowl and cook on a stove.
  • Baked Potato with Butter and Cheese – This needs a cooking level of 47. It gives 16 hitpoints and 80 experience. Cook a potato on the stove with cheese and butter.
  • Fish Pie – This needs a level of 47. You get 12 hitpoints and +3 to fishing skill, also gives 164 experience points. You need to make a dough and put it in a pie dish. Add cooked trout, cooked cod, and a potato. Cook this over a stove.
  • Cheese – You’ll need a cooking level of 48 to make cheese and you’ll get 2 hit points healed to eat it. You get 64 experience for the milk, 46 for the cream, and 23 for the butter. Get milk, butter, cream, then churn for cheese.
  • Chocolate Cake – This needs a cooking level of 50, it gives 15 hitpoints, and gives 210 experience. Make a regular cake and use a chocolate bar with it.
  • Oomlie Wrap – This needs a level 50 to make. It gives 40 experience and 14 hitpoints. Kill a oomlie bird, get a fallen palm tree, use the palm leaf on the oomlie meat and cook.

Foods for Cooking Level 51-65

These are all food items that can be made that are between a cooking level of 51 and 65. All the recipe ingredients are given.

  • Egg and Tomato Potato – You have to have a level of 51 to make this. It gives 16 hitpoints and 150 experience. You need to make a bowl of tomato and of egg and add the mix to a baked potato with butter.
  • Lava Eel – This needs a cooking level of 53 to make. It will give 11 hitpoints recovered and 30 experience to make. This can be cooked on a fire or on a stove.
  • Anchovy Pizza – This needs a cooking level of 55. It will give 18 hitpoints back and 182 experience. It is a regular pizza with cooked anchovies added.
  • Mushrooms and Onions – This needs a cooking level of 57. It will give you 11 hitpoints when eated and 55 experience when made. It will need a knife, mushroom, onion, and 2 bowls. Add the mushroom to one bowl and onion to another bowl. Cook on a stove add mushrooms to onions.
  • Curry – This needs a cooking level of 60, will give 19 hitpoints when eated, and 221 experience points. Make stew and get spices, add spices to the stew and cook on a fire or store.
  • Monkfish – This takes a 62 level to make, will give 16 hit points to eat it, and 150 experience to make it. Cook on a fire or on a stove.
  • Mushroom and Onion Potato – This needs a level 64 cooking level. It will give you 230 experience points and 20 hitpoints. Make a bowl of the mushrooms and onions and add these to a baked potato with butter that is already made.
  • Pineapple Pizza – This recipe needs a cooking level of 65. It gives 22 hps and 195 experience. Get a plain pizza and cut up a pineapple, add the pineapple to the pizza.

Foods for Cooking Level 67-95

These are all food recipes that can be created while you are between a cooking level of 67 and 95. This will give you all the ingredients that you’ll need.

  • Tuna and Corn – This needs a level 67, gives 204 experience and 13 hitpoints. Carry a knife and add tuna to a bowl. Add roasted corn to the same bowl.
  • Tuna and Corn Potato – You’ll need a 68 level for this, it gives 265 experience, and 22 hitpoints. Take the Tuna and corn and add it to a baked potato with butter.
  • Admiral Pie – This needs a level 70 to make. It will give 16 hit points and +5 to fishing to eat, plus 210 experience to make. Make a dough add to a pie pan, add in cooked salmon, cooked tuna, and a potato and cook it all on a stove.
  • Shark – This needs a level 80 cooking, it gives 210 experience, and 20 hit points. Cook it on a stove or on an open fire.
  • Sea Turtle – This needs a level 82 cooking, it gives a 211.3 experience and 21 hit points. Cook this on a fire or on a stove.
  • Wild Pie – This needs a level 85 cooking skill. It needs 22 hit points, +5 to slayer skill, +4 to ranged weapon skill. It also gives 240 experience. Make a dough, add to pie pan, add raw bear met, raw rabbit meat, raw chompy meat to the pie plate. Cook over a range.
  • Manta Ray – You need a level of 91 to cook this. It gives 216 experience and 22 hitpoints. You need to cook this on a fire or stove.
  • Summer Pie – This needs a cooking level of 95. You get 22 hitpoints, and 260 experience points. You will also get +10% energy and +5 to agility. Add a dough to a pie pan, then add apple, watermelon, and strawberry. Cook on a stove.


You now have all the recipes that you can make in the game, all by cooking level, so that you can know what you can make as soon as you can make it. I hope that you have fun leveling up your cooking skill while you are playing Runescape.

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