Runescape Cooking Guide 1-99: The 99 Cooking Guide Made Easy

Runescape Cooking Guide 1-99: The 99 Cooking Guide Made Easy
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The Runescape Cooking Guide

Before you begin following this Runescape cooking guide to learn how to get 99 Cooking, you must find your favorite range to cook on. A range looks just like a stove, with a grilled top and flames. These are used to cook any type of food, from fish to pizza. One good place to get 99 Cooking in P2P worlds, also known as members worlds, is in Catherby. Catherby has a range located right next door to the Catherby bank, making the journey to get the Runescape 99 cooking skillcape much quicker than other places in Runescape. Also, Catherby features some of the best fishing for Lobster, Monkfish, Tuna, and other types of fish, depending on the fish you decide to try catching.

Once you’ve found a good place to get 99 cooking, it’s time to figure out what you should cook to get 99 cooking the fastest way possible and learn other tips to get 99 cooking quickly, which will all be explained in this Runescape 99 cooking guide.

In Page 2 of this Rs cooking guide, we’ll explain the member’s item which can help you get 99 cooking easier, along with an explination to how you can shorten the time it takes to get 99 cooking or make the process longer, in order to make millions of Runescape GP.

Finally, in Page 3 of this Runescape cooking guide we will explain the best fish to cook in P2P worlds, to get 99 cooking the fastest.

First, let’s take a look at how to get 99 cooking in F2P worlds.

F2P Runescape Cooking Guide: Salmon & Trout


Salmon and trout are arguably the best fish to get to 99 cooking in both F2P worlds and P2P worlds, simply because you don’t burn as many fish when you get to higher cooking levels. Although there are faster ways to get 99 Cooking in P2P worlds, which will be explained on Page 3 of this Runescape cooking guide 1-99, salmon and trout should be used if you are playing in F2P worlds.


The reason salmon and trout should be used in F2P worlds to get 99 cooking, is because they cook fast and you tend to burn less, compared to training in P2P worlds with fish that will get you more experience. This means you will be able to complete more rounds per hour, cooking more fish per hour, and burning less fish per hour. Plus you get 90 exp for every salmon you successfully cook and 70 exp for every trout. Cooking trout and salmon to get 99 cooking will ultimately get you 99 cooking much faster than it would take you, if you decided to cook shrimp or anchovies to get 99 cooking, which probably take you forever!

Now that you know the best way to get 99 cooking in F2P worlds, move on to Page 2 of this Runescape cooking guide to learn what item can help you get 99 cooking faster in P2P worlds and a tip to making money while cooking. Then, continue onto Page 3 to learn how to get 99 cooking the fastest way possible in P2P worlds!

Your Choice: Get 99 Cooking Fast or Make Money While Getting 99 Cooking?

catherby fishing guide

Of course, the easiest and fastest way to get to 99 cooking is to buy your supplies and the fish to cook. However, is it worth the money? Often times, you can buy your fish in a couple minutes, through the Grand Exchange; however, when you buy them, almost every time you will be losing money when you cook the purchased fish. Why is that? It is the cost for experience earned. When you gain that experience, the experience for that piece of food, there for there is less experience for someone to get when they purchase the cooked food, so it is worth less.

Remember to pick a place you like, which the bank is close to the cooking range. You can choose to cook any food you want, but if you are going for fast experience to get to 99 cooking, you might want to try out salmon and trout, as they have been known to be the fastest in the game. To save a little money in your pocket, and also make money, you may want to think about catching your own fish.

P2P Rs Cooking Guide: Cooking Gauntlets

Cooking Gauntlets

If you are a P2P player following this Rs cooking guide, you should really work to get the cooking gauntlets, since they can greatly decrease the chance of burning food while you wear them. Of course, Runescape makes you do a quest for them. In order to get cooking gauntlets, you need to complete the Family Crest quest in Catherby. Once you’ve completed the Family Crest quest in Catherby, speak to Caleb, located in Catherby, in order to receive your pair of cooking gauntlets.

The best feature about the cooking gauntlets is once you are done using them, such as after you have received the 99 cooking skillcape, you can talk to Caleb’s brother in order to turn them into Chaos or Goldsmith gauntlets for $25k.

For those choosing to get the cooking gauntlets to make the journey to 99 cooking less painful, both in time and Runescape GP, it’s a wise choice since you will get done much faster! However, if you don’t really think all the work doing the Family Crest quest is worth the reward of not burning so many fish, so be it and get working on 99 cooking!

Keep reading on Page 3 of this Runescape cooking guide in order to find out what the best members fish are to cook, all the way to 99 cooking!

P2P Rs Cooking Guide: Monkfish


When you become a member, one of the best Runescape member’s perks is you are able to cook higher level fish with more experience, which can significantly cut back on how long it takes to get 99 cooking.

The first fish in P2P worlds, which only members can cook, are monkfish. Monkfish are great because many people playing Runescape can catch them and they are always in demand once they are cooked! Having such a high demand and availability of uncooked food makes this fish very easy to purchase and sell. Also, you get 150 experience for each successfully cooked monkfish and you only need 62 cooking in order to cook them.

Obviously, the best way to get monkfish and not waste money is to catch your own, since you will make all profit on the successfully cooked monkfish you sell instead of losing money, since raw monkfish currently cost around 540 GP each and cooked ones are only selling for around 500 GP each. Instead of losing around 40 GP each monkfish, not including the burnt ones, you could simply spend the time getting 99 Fishing first, in order to make your journey to 99 cooking much easier and more rewarding.

Cooking Sharks to Get 99 Cooking


Sharks can also be used to get 99 cooking fast, since you get 200 exp for every successfully cooked shark. The best way to get 99 cooking with sharks is to fish for them, first. By fishing for sharks, you won’t have to spend money on raw sharks and have to loose money selling them for cheaper or, even worse, burn many of the ones you bought and end up losing most of your money invested!

Fishing for sharks in Runescape can be one of the most profitable things to spend time on, since sharks are currently selling for over 1,400 GP each! If you bring an average of 25 sharks back to the bank, you make 35K GP per trip! However, to be able to catch sharks, you must have level 76 fishing in Runescape.

If you want to try fishing for sharks to get 99 cooking, your better off going for 99 fishing first, then using all the fish you catch to get 99 cooking. If you are interested in getting 99 fishing fast before working on 99 cooking, check out the Runescape 99 Fishing Guide.

If you decide to just buy your sharks, you will definitely get 99 cooking fast, but you may also lose a bunch of your money. It is the inevitable risk you are faced with when you decide to buy the fish you need to cook to get 99 cooking, instead of just fishing for them first.

Now that you’ve read the entire 99 Runescape cooking guide, you may want to make some extra money before you begin your journey to 99 fishing. If you want to make some quick Runescape money, check out the Runescape Herblore guide and the Runescape Slayer guide, in order to learn some ways to make Runescape money fast.

Good luck on your journey to 99 cooking!

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