The Runescape Magic Guide from 1-99 Mage to Get 99 Magic Fast

The Runescape Magic Guide from 1-99 Mage to Get 99 Magic Fast
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Welcome to the 99 Magic Guide. This guide has been created to explain a couple ways to get 99 magic fast. There are three techniques which this Runescape magic guide will explain, including training on different types of monsters, training at Pest Control, and using the High Alchemy spell to get 99 mage. Each of these ways require different levels of magic and are very different ways to train to 99 magic; however, using all three ways effectively will definitely get you 99 magic much faster than any other technique in the game.

Since you first need to reach certain levels of magic for each of these techniques, we will first go through how to train lower magic levels so you can easily get a higher magic level, before continuing on through this Runescape 99 magic guide.

Training to Level 55 Magic

The techniques which will be explained in this Runescape Magic guide will all get you 99 magic fast; however, every one of these techniques require a higher magic level, with the lowest level required being 55 for the High Alchemy spell. Since you need a higher level to use these techniques, this section of this Runescape magic guide should help you reach those required levels.

Runescape Hill Giant level 28

Begin by getting the required runes for the highest spell you can perform. In order to check which spell you can perform, check which magic level you currently are and look at the Magic Spell Book to see which spells you can perform. Then, choose the spell which you would like to perform, purchase a bunch of runes to perform the spell, and get ready to train. Wear as much magic boosting gear you can, grab a couple thousand runes so you can perform around two thousand spells, or more.

When you are all ready to train, head to west Varrock. If you do not have a Brass Key, go to the Great Exchange and purchase one, since you will need one to get into the shack located southwest of the Great Exchange, named the Edgeville Dungeon. Enter the small shack and go down the latter. Once you are in the lower level, which looks like a series of tunnels, run across the room where the Hill Giants are located and hide behind some of the bones or pillars located all around this room and begin casting spells on Hill Giants.

This is one of the best places to train to 55 magic for the High Alchemy technique or higher magic levels, since you can hide behind things, preventing the monsters from attacking you. Also, you will be able to collect runes, limpwurt roots, and other items, in order to earn some extra cash and runes to perform more spells.

Once you get to at least 55 magic, you can move further into this Runescape magic guide and continue on your journey to 99 magic.

On Page 2, we will go through the High Alchemy spell and how to get 99 magic fast. Then, on Page 3 we will explain how to use Ancient Magic spells to train to 99 magic. Finally, on Page 4 we will show you how to get 99 magic playing the Pest Control mini-game.

High Alching to 99 Magic

High Alchemy Spell

Once you reach level 55, you will be able to perform the High Alchemy spell. Using High Alchemy on items allows you to turn items into Runescape GP, while also giving you 65 experience for every High Alchemy you perform, which makes it a great spell to turn items into money and train to 99 magic. This is one of the best ways to get 99 magic fast, since you will not be fighting monsters for experience, eliminating the food you may need to eat and wasted time you may experience between fighting monsters, while also getting you much more consistent experience.

To get from level 55 magic to level 99 magic, you will need just over 12.8 million experience and you will have to perform around 198,000 High Alchemy spells! It may seem like a lot of spells; however, if you repeatedly perform the spell, you can easily do a couple thousands spells a day and get 99 magic in less than a month.

Obviously, to do 198,000 spells you will need many items to High Alch and many runes. You will have to either make the runes or purchase them. If you are interested in making the runes, check out the 99 Runecrafting Guide to learn how you can train the runecrafting skill so you can make Nature and Fire runes for the High Alchemy spell.

The next section of this guide will go through the best items to high alch so you can save money and possibly even make money High Alching to 99 magic!

The Best Runescape Item to High Alch to get 99 Magic

Yew Longbow

There are several items which can be purchased and High Alched to get 99 magic; however, I found the best Runescape item to High Alch to 99 magic is the yew longbow. You can either purchase yew longbows and high alch them, or you can choose to fletch your own yew longbows, like I did, so you can make more profit from every High Alchemy you perform.

The amount of money you earn or loose during the High Alchemy process depends on how much you purchase runes for and how much you pay for the yew longbows. Obviously, the best way to earn money training to 99 magic is to fletch your own yew longbows and make your own runes, so all you pay for is the supplies which is much cheaper than purchasing yew longbows and runes.

If you are interested in learning how to get 99 fletching and make your own yew longbows for this 99 magic guide, head over to the 99 Fletching Guide. To learn how to make your own runes, head over to the 99 Runecrafting Guide.

On average, I made 500-600 GP per High Alchemy spell training to 99 magic, because I made many of my Nature runes and yew longbows, only purchasing fire runes. Yes, it did take me much longer to make everything and then high alch the yew longbows; however, the extra millions of GP I earned in the process was very nice!

Now that you know how to High Alch to 99 magic and even make some money training to 99 magic, continue onto Page 3 to learn how to use Ancient Magic spells to get 99 magic and Page 4 for the Pest Control guide to 99 magic. These two techniques can either supplement your High Alching or you can even choose to use these two following techniques to train all the way to 99 magic.

Ancient Magic Spells to 99 Magic

Runescape Ancient Magic Staff

As mentioned in above in the introduction to this Runescape magic guide to 99 magic, the first way to train to 99 magic is for people who have Ancient Magic spells, which can be unlocked by completing the Desert Treasure member’s quest.

The best attack to use is either Ice Burst or Ice Barrage. These attacks hit multiple targets and also freeze targets for 10 and 20 seconds, respectively, making it easy to attack opponents and run away to safety, before hitting them with another attack. In order to use Ice Burst you need to be level 70 and level 94 for Ice Barrage.

This is a great way to train, as long as you can continue to stay away from the monsters you are training on. Constantly running away from the monsters may seem like too much work. To reduce the amount of work you need to do to train with Ancient Magic spells, you should try to find a good place to hide behind an object or up above the monsters, so they cannot hit you.

Where to Train with Ancient Magic Spells to 99 Magic

Ankou level 75

One great place to train behind an object on multiple targets is on level 75 Ankous, located in the northeast room on level in the Security of Stronghold, which can be entered by going through the tunnel in the center of the mining rocks at Barbarian Village. In the room, you can find a wall of bones lying on the ground, which creates the perfect spot to train to 99 magic and even 99 range, if you ever want to consider following the 99 Range Guide.

Since you cannot use the Ice Burst and Ice Barrage spells until you are higher levels, you may want to use one of the other techniques explained in this Runescape magic guide to reach level 70 or level 94 magic, before switching to this method of training to 99 magic.

On the next and final page, we will explain how to use the Pest Control minigame to get magic experience fast and earn some quick Runescape GP.

Pest Control

Pest Control Minigame map

There is a never ending debate between players training to 99 magic concerning whether playing the Pest Control minigame to 99 magic is a good way, because many people use Pest Control points on their magic skill, giving them more experience in the magic skill and not in the Health skill. However, in my opinion, training to 99 magic of using Pest Control is a great way to get some fast experience and make quick Runescape GP.

Although you can choose to use magic spells while playing the Pest Control minigame, it is usually better to use melee attacks, since you can usually hit higher and you will be much more protected with melee armor on. Also, during the minigame you only get half the amount of experience per hit you would earn training on other monsters around Runescape, so it would simply be a waste of money to use magic spells in Pest Control.

Pest Control Rewards

However, your goal is to get points. These points are what you want to turn in for your magic experience to get to 99 magic. The experience earned depends upon level calculations. If you are a decent level in magic (70+) and you have 100+ combat, you would be getting very fast experience, as long as you find the a good world full of players playing Pest Control.

One hint I will give about getting into a good Pest Control world, is to join Pest Control clan. When you are in a Pest Control Clan , they will unite all of the best players who want to consistently win every match, in order to ensure you win almost every Pest Control match and earn the most amount of points you can.

The Journey to 99 Magic Begins

Now that you have the knowledge to get 99 magic with three different techniques, you should be able to get 99 magic fast. I would recommend to use the High Alchemy spell to get most of the way to 99 magic and use the other two techniques to take a break from High Alching and to supplement the amount of experience you gain.

Hopefully this guide has helped you learn a couple of the best ways to get 99 magic fast and you will be able to make it all the way to 99 mage.

Good luck on your journey to 99 Magic and leave a comment if you need any further help!

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