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WAR Addons you Can't Live Without

by: Jesma ; edited by: M.S. Smith ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

We discuss three of the best WAR addons available on or through the Curse addon manager, as well as what an addon is and how they work with the game.

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    Fantastic WAR Addons

    WAR has a growing library of addons available for it. Addons are little 3rd party additions to the game that act within the players User Interface. They do not automate functions in the game, per se, but they are configured for player preferences to make certain things a bit more user friendly. They come in all types, from things that work in the players inventory, looting, action bars, looting, and unit frames. There is virtually nothing that can't be tweaked, changed, and reconfigured. Addons are coded using the .LUA coding functions, and installed into the Addons folder of the Warhammer Online game installation on your hard drive. The following addons are available through the Curse gaming client or website, at the links provided. They are merely preferences and by no means represent even a fraction of what is available.

    AutoLoot - This addon is really useful because it automatically loots every item on a corpse regardless if whether the player is holding the "modifier" key down or not. It is particularly useful when farming, or looting for different tradeskills like scavenging or butchering. It can drastically increase the speed at which a player can move through targets, with incredible ease.

    Vertigo - Vertigo allows the complete customization of action bars and layouts. You can set the number of columns to be displayed, the number of buttons, show or hide paging buttons for bars, and choose whether you would like to display empty slots or not.

    zBuffBars - This addon is designed to change the way buffs and debuffs are displayed, making them much clearer. It puts customizable bars up on the screen displaying the name of the buff, the icon, and the length of time left on the buff. These settings can be changed if you want. zBuffBars should be an essential for every class, as it makes determining what you need, both in PvE and RvR, much simpler.