Guide to Getting 99 Runecrafting in Runescape: Build Your Skills Quickly

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When learning how to get 99 Runecrafting in Runescape, you must first know that getting to level 99 may take you a very long time. Runecrafting is essentially running rune essence or pure essence to alters, which are located all around the Runescape Worlds. There is an alter for each Elemental rune, including Air, Earth, Fire, and Water, as well as Nature, Law, Death, and various other alters for higher Runecrafting levels.

The rune essence are used primarily to create the Elemental runes, which are the Air, Earth, Fire, and Water runes. Pure Essence can be used to make the Elemental runes, as well as any other rune in Runescape. Now that you know the basics of Runecrafting, here are two tips from this 99 Runecrafting guide which should help you get 99 Runecrafting fast!

The Pouches

The first tip to getting faster experience per hour in Runecrafting in this 99 Runecrafting Guide, is to increase the amount of pure essence you take per trip to craft into runes. One disadvantage seen by runecrafters, is the amount of runes you can take, per trip. With teleports and some necessary items in your inventory, you might only have 20-24 spots open. This is where Essence Pouches come in handy.

Essence pouches are pouches specifically meant to carry pure essence or regular essence. There are 4 different pouches that can carry 3, 6, 9, and 12 essences. You can use each one once you reach their required levels. The required levels to use them are 1, 25, 50, and 75, respectively.

What these pouches do is add up to 26 more spots per load for you. This means you double the amount of experience gained per hour, and the amount of runes created per hour is doubled, giving you more experience to get to 99 Runecrafting faster. This tip of this 99 Runecrafting guide concentrates on gaining more experience and runes per hour, by increasing your inventory space for more room to carry essence.

This next section of this Rune Tip Rs Guide consists of shortening your route to the runecrafting alters, making the time per run to make runes is shortened, and giving you more experience and runes per hour. Let’s take a look at the tip.

The Abyss

The second tip, to learn how to get to 99 Runcrafting, is introducing runecrafters into the Abyss. You have to do the Zamarock mini-quest in order to use it, but that should not take long. The Abyss is a large, underground cave. You can teleport to it by going to the man in the red robe, in around 6-8 wild, northeast of Edgeville. Inside the cave are many creatures of the Abyss. They can do very harmful damage, so it is recommended to pray or bring good armor. These are the creature you can kill to obtain the pouches!

There is a ring center in the middle of the cave. (Take a look at your mini-map.) To get into the center ring, you have to bring the necessary tools to perform a skill. The easiest way is to wood-cutt, thieve, or mine. Once you are in, you will be able to enter one of the rune portals. Every portal is around the inside wall of the circle tunnel. In the middle of the entire cave is a man. Talk to this man and he will repair the pouches for you, as they will degrade and hold less from time to time.

Once you have made you runes, simply teleport back to as close as you can to Edgeville and do it gain, until you reach your goal or even to 99 Runecrafting. The best way to teleport is to use glory amulets and teleport back to Edgeville. If you have ancient magic spells, you can use the teleport to go back to Edgeville with your spells.

Hopefully, with these two tips of this 99 Runecrafting guide can help you learn how to get 99 Runecrafting fast and efficiently. With these tips, there is chance to doubling, tripling, and even quadrupling your experience per hour Runecrafting.

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