Part One of Runescape Runecrafting Skill: Getting Started

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Runecrafting in Runescape is all about the making of runes out of other objects. It is particularly handy for mages. But even if you want to make them for other reasons, you’ll need to finish up the Rune Mysteries Quest before you can start this skill.

Mining Rune Essence

The first thing you are going to need to get started in runecrafting is getting rune essence. There are essence mines to get it from and you will have to go to one of five people to port you to the essence mines. The teleporters are Aubury in the Varrock Magic Shop, Brimstail Gnome in the south west corner of Tree Gnome Stronghold’s cave, Wizard Sedridor in the basement of the wizard tower, Wizard Cromperty found in the north east section of Ardougne market, and Wizard Distentor in the Yanille magic guild.

Now you can mine these essence mines just like a regular mine. When you pick it out it will either be in the form of normal essence or pure essence. Regular rune essence makes all the F2P (free to play) runes. These are air, water, earth, fire, mind, and body. This is the only essence you get as a free player or if your mining skill is under the 30 level. Pure essence is used for ALL types of runes (free and paid) and is mined if you are a member over the level of 30 in mining.

Making Runes

To make a rune you will need that essence and a talisman (depending on the rune you want to make, these can be different). Talismans are often dropped by monsters around the land. You will get them and will need to take them to that type of altar to craft. An air rune will need rune essence, an air talisman, transport to the air altar and then use it to make the rune.

At the beginning you’ll need an essence for each rune you’ll want to make. Later on you can make more than one rune per essence. Their requirements will vary depending on your level. Air runes require a level of 1 and give 5 experience. Mind runes require a level of 2 and give 5.5 experience. Water runes require a level of 5 and give 6 experience. Earth runes require a level of 9 and give 6.5 experience. Fire runes require a level of 14 and give 7 experience. Body runes require a level of 20 and give 7.5 experience. Cosmic runes require a level of 27 and give 8 experience. Chaos runes require a level of 35 and give 8.5 experience. Nature runes require a level of 44 and give 9 experience. Law runes require a level of 54 and give 9.5 experience. Death runes require a level of 65 and give 10 experience. Blood runes require a level of 77 and give 10.5 experience.

Pouches for Runcrafting

There are pouches that you can carry on your character to carry your rune essence. These are after you complete the Zamorak Mage’s runecrafting task. There are four different ones and you can only carry one of each at a time (no duplicates) and only one type of essence can be in a pouch. They may break down after a while and will not be able to hold the maximum allowance until they are fixed. Take them to the Abyss’ dark mage to have them repaired. These are the pouches:

  • Small pouch – Needs a runecraft level of 1 and they will hold three essences maximum.
  • Medium pouch – Needs a runecraft level of 25 and they will hold six essences maximum.
  • Large pouch – Requires a runecraft level of 50 and it will hold 9 essences maximum.
  • Giant pouch – Requires a runecraft level of 75 and it will hold 12 essences maximum.


Now that we know the basics, we will look at talismans and how they are used in the game. Other than rune essence, talismans are the key factor in the skill of Runecrafting.

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