Part Three of Runescape Runecrafting Skill: Where are the Runecrafting Altars?

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Now that we know all about the runecrafting skill and the talismans, it is time to learn where we can find the altars that you are going to need to create the runes that you want. One way to find where the altars are is to get the talisman and do the “locate altar” option that will point you in the right direction. For further help, some is given in this article. Use the talisman on the mysterious ruins to go to the altar and when you are there select the option of “rune.craft altar” to craft the essence into a rune.

Altar Locations

  • Air Altar – This altar is near the south of Falador. It has the Falador East bank as its nearest bank. The top, or temple of air, is where the runecrafting will take place.
  • Mind Altar – This altar is on the wilderness border near the north of Falador and the east of goblin village. The nearest bank is at Edgeville. This is shaped much like a brain on the minimap guide.
  • Water Altar – The water altar is in the Lumbridge swamp. South east of Draynor Village. The closest bank nearby is at Lumbridge castle. There are daisies all around this altar and is very much into nature.
  • Earth Altar – This altar is just south of the lumberyard sawmill, north east of Varrock. The nearest bank is the Varrock east bank. At one point around this area you can see the fire altar as well.
  • Fire Altar – This altar is north east of Al Kharid, north of the duel arena entrance. The nearest bank is at Al Kharid. This altar is surrounded by lava and rocks.
  • Body Altar – This is located the west of barbarian village and the south west of Edgewille. The nearest bank will be in Edgeville. The altar is pink and heart shaped.
  • Cosmic Altar – This altar is around the lost city of Zanaris, south of the wheat field there. The closest bank nearby is at Zanaris. You will cross an invisible bridge so that you can craft your runes.
  • Chaos Altar – This altar is near the level 9 wilderness north west of Edgeville. You will have to go through a maze. The nearest bank to this is in Edgeville.
  • Nature Altar – This altar is near the shilo village to the north, on the Karamja Island. The nearest bank is going to be Zanaris. This is a members only altar.
  • Law Altar – The Law altar is in a corner of Entrana Island to the north west. The nearest bank is going to be Draynor Village. No weapons or armor can be taken to the altar as it is located in Entrana.
  • Death Altar – This altar is inside the temple of light. You will have to have had Mourning’s End Part 2 quest completed. The nearest bank to this is the East Ardougne. There are many level 19 ghosts to kill around this altar.
  • Blood Altar – This altar is beneath Meiyerditch, inside of the dungeon. You will have to have had Legacy of Seergaze quest completed. The nearest bank is in Canifis. Blood pours out of this altar and makes a little stream.


Knowing where the locations to the altars are will be helpful in navigating toward it. Make sure you know all the items you’ll need to craft your rune and then where the altar is that you need to go to craft the rune. Runecrafting is a fun and interesting skill in Runescape, one that is often overlooked in leveling up unless one is a mage and needs the runes on a daily basis.

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