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Runescape Runecrafting Skill Part Two: Talismans

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Along with rune essence, talismans are the key part to everything about the Runescape Runecrafting skill. Find out more about their power in this article.

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    In this part of the Runecrafting skill guide, talismans are looked at. Talismans are needed along with rune essence to craft runes. Depending on the type of talisman that you have, that will determine what altar you’ll need to go to in order to craft your rune. These talismans can be dropped by different foes you’ll encounter around the world of Runescape. When you get the one that you need, you bring it to the ruins of that type of altar, use it with the “mysterious runes" and you will teleport to where the actual altar is so that you can make the rune you want.

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    Different Talismans

    There are many different talismans in the game, these are the ones that are currently available.

    • Air – Air talismans are a drop from goblins throughout the land and you can get one as a reward from the quest of Rune Mysteries. Also from air wizards as a drop.
    • Mind – Mind talismans are a drop from different wizards and imps throughout the land.
    • Water – Water talismans are dropped from dark wizards, water wizards and regular wizards throughout Runescape.
    • Earth – Earth talismans are dropped from farmers, from women and men, rogues, wizards, dark wizards, earth wizards, lesser and greater demons, and from Al Kharid Warriors.
    • Fire – Fire talismans are dropped from level 18 or higher skeletons, fire wizards, guards, and from dark wizards.
    • Body – Body talismans are dropped from giants, dark wizards, and guards.
    • Cosmic – Cosmic talismans are dropped from ice giants, otherworldly beings, lesser demons, and the mysterious old man. They can also be received from big net fishing in caskets.
    • Chaos – Chaos talismans are from giants, chaos dwarfs, lesser demons, and ice warriors. They are also from hobgoblins, skeletons, shadow warriors, black knights, hill giants, and fire giants.
    • Nature – Nature talismans are from moss giants, paladins, lesser demons, green dragons, red dragons, Cyclopes, and kalphite workers. Also from level 120 zombies.
    • Law – Law talismans are from battle tortoises, abyssal creatures and demons, paladins, ghouls, terrorbirds, and guards.
    • Death – Death talismans are from a reward at the end of the Mourning’s End Part 2 quest. Also can be a drop by any dark beast.
    • Blood – Blood talismans are a reward from the quest of the Legacy of Seergaze. It is also a reward from the burning of Vyrewatch.
    • Elemental – Elemental talismans are from the abyss as drops from abyssal leeches, walkers, and guardians. This can be used to get into any of the four elemental altars (earth, fire, water, air). This cannot be crafted into a tiara. It also cannot be used to craft a combination rune.
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    Talismans are greatly needed in runecrafting, in fact you can’t craft a rune without them. These are always something that you’ll need to gather before you attempt to make runes, so keep plenty of available space in your inventory bags for them. Make sure that you have knowledge about which altar you need to go to for the talisman that you have.