Make Millions in Runescape: Learn About Air, Law, Nature Rune Running & More

Make Millions in Runescape: Learn About Air, Law, Nature Rune Running & More
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Rune running is a strategy used to make easy money in Runescape with the Runecrafting skill. To run runes, you don’t need to be any specific level, meaning a brand new account, that’s a lvl 3 still, could make millions of gb this way, so long as the account has some initial wealth. You can turn 200 coins into millions using this strategy. However, the more money you have to begin with the better.

This strategy to make money is basically like a job. All you do is buy rune essence or pure essence, depending on the type of runes you want to get in return, and then truck them up to the altars where players are waiting with the desired rune being made at that altar. The number of runes you can get from a trip varies from 25-50, depending on what items you use and bring.

So let’s see how many essence you should bring and how you can increase the amount with certain items.

Rune Running Items

Get items before you do anything. Always get your needed items before you try to travel to the nearby banks near your altar of choice, simply because it wastes time and money by traveling to the bank, around the map to get items, and then back to the bank. The items are based on if your account is members or not, the type of rune running you want to do, and also your amount of initial money. Some items are recommended, while others are mandatory. Here is a list of common items that can be used while running any type of runes.

No Armor

You are going to be running back and forth from banks, so you are going to want to be light. The only way to be as light as possible is to wear no armor. The only piece of armor one can benefit from are the boots of lightness. These make you have less weight, meaning you can run for a longer period of time. The only bad part about it is that you have to get them through the Temple of Ikov quest, because it is a quest item.


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Pouches are great for rune running. Of course, you have to have Runecrafting levels in order to obtain them, but if you happen to have them and want to run runes for quick cash, why not use them to your advantage to make more per trip? You can get the small pouch with a Runecrafting level 1 that holds 3 essence, the medium pouch at level 25 that holds 6, the large pouch at level 50 that holds 9, and the giant pouch at level 75 that holds 12 essence. Although the pouch itself takes up one spot, it can hold many more essence. This is what allows you to be able to carry up to 50 essence at one time.

Teleport Runes

Teleport runes to be used to travel from the Runecrafting altar to a bank in a nearby city can be used and will sometimes be highly recommended for certain types of rune running, but for others it is just a waste and you’re better off walking/running. Under each type of rune running later explained in this Rs guide, there will be a rune running route guide, and it will say if you should teleport or not.

Continue on to the next page to find out how to make money by running Air runes in Runescape.

Air Runes

Air runes are the most basic runes to run. You only need to buy regular rune essence to have them created, but you should only use this method to gain initial wealth to move onto running Law runes or Nature runes to gain more money per trip.

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The Air rune altar is located south west of the southern Falador city exit, which, if you are leaving out of the southern exit of the city, you should just head on an angle to the right through the grass next to the path. The altar should be located a couple paces into the grass. I would not suggest using teleport runes at all with this altar because of how close it is to Falador’s bank.

Running Air runes is designated, by Runescape’s creators, as being located in world 16, which is a free to play world. You could also go to Runescape’s forums to find a private player or clan to run for.

Air runes are not the runes to run to strike riches fast; rather, it is a strategy to help you get started in the game. Many times, people run air runes to get initial wealth or just to get runes for their Magic skill training. The only way you can really make money off of this technique is to mine the pure essence yourself, and/or run Air runes for higher Runecrafting leveled players which can make multiple amounts of Air runes per rune essence. This can be done by running runes for a person with a high Runecrafting level.

Here are the levels with the amounts of Air runes made per rune essence:

Level 11 = 2x the amount of Air runes per rune essence

Level 22 = 3x

Level 33 = 4x

Level 44 = 5x - (Runecrafters usually move to making Nature runes so this may be the highest level you will see Runecrafting Air runes for rune runners.)

Level 55 = 6x

Level 66 = 7x

Level 77 = 8x

Level 88 = 9x

Level 99 = 10x

So, this means that a level 11 can make double the amount of air runes per rune essence, a level 22 can make triple the amount of Air runes, and so on. Usually by level 44, the Runecrafters move to making Nature runes for rune runners, because they will receive more experience. We’ll talk more about that on the next page.

Nautre Runes

Once Runecrafters reach level 44, they are probably going to head to the Nature altar to gain faster experience. You can only run Nature runes if you are a member, and the designated world for running Nature runes is world 36. Like mentioned for Air runes, you can also go to the Runescape forums to find private people to run runes for.

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The Nature altar is located North of Shilo Village on the island of Karamja. There are two routes you can take to get from a bank to the Nature altar fast and efficiently. The first is to use the Zamarokian Mage, located northeast of Edgeville to teleport you right inside of the altar, and then use an amulet of glory or ancient magic to teleport you back to Edgeville to bank. The other way is to run from Shilo Village to the altar, as long as you have completed the necessary quests to gain access to the city.

To make Nature runes, you have to use pure essence. Of course this costs more, but the runes are worth more, so you end up making more profit. The only bad part is the Runescape player’s saying, “You need money to make money” holds true for these runes and also Law runes which will be talked about next.

You won’t really find people making multiple Nature runes per pure essence and giving them all to you. Usually, Runecrafters stay at Nature runes until level 65 and then head to Law runes. However, people with 92 Runecrafting may come back as they will be able to make double the Nature rune per pure essence.

Once Runecrafters can do this, they will often still make Nature runes for rune runners, but keep half of the runes they make and give the other half back to the runners for more pure essence. This way the rune runners get their Nature runes and the Runecrafter also gets the same amount of Nature runes, giving them a chance to make a profit off of the process. Until level 92, Runecrafters usually use this process to get fast experience.

Read on to the next page where we talk about running Law runes.

Law Runes

Law runes are usually the runes created by Runecrafters from levels 65 to 99, or 92 if they want to go back and make some profit along the way. Law runes have two designated worlds for rune running, which are worlds 66 and 99. Each world usually has a separate Runecrafting clan in it, with some straggling solo Runecrafters there to just get experience and not in a Runecrafting clan.

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Running Law runes is the most profitable and main source of income for many people on Runescape, as it is the most profitable way to make money running runes. The only bad part about it is that the altar is located on Entrana, an island you have to take boat to from Port Sarim located south of Falador or west of Draynor Village.

To run Law runes in the most efficient way, I would suggest running the runes from Falador to Port Sarim and take the boat to Entrana. Once you’re at Entrana, run east and then north, cross a bridge and you will end up at the Law altar at the north-eastern tip of Entrana. Once you trade the pure essence for Law runes, teleport back to Falador with a tele-tab or teleport runes. Since you’re going to get Law runes, all you really have to bring is 3 airs and 1 water rune to be able to teleport back to Falador. Once in Falador, repeat the process over and over, until you have as much money as you need.

Let’s Talk About Profit

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Air Runes

Like mentioned in the “Air Runes” part of this guide on page 2, you need to run Air runes for someone with a higher level Runecrafting to get more for your money. Since many people move on to Nature runes at 44, you want to find someone at least level 33 Runecrafting to run runes for. If you run 28 rune essence per trip to a level 33 Runecrafter, you should receive 112 Air runes per trip. Currently, rune essence costs 39 gp each and Air runes are 11 gp each.

Cost: 28 rune essence x 39 gp = 1,092 gp per trip

Money Earned: 112 Air runes x 11 gp = 1,232 gp per trip

Profit Per Trip: 1,232 - 1,092 = 140 gp per trip

140 coins for 2 minutes of work isn’t too bad for someone with 2k coins in their bank. However, if you have more money, like around 100k+ to buy pure essence with to run Nature or Law runes, I would suggest doing that instead because of the better profitability.

On the next page, we’ll talk about how much profit can be made from running Nature and Law runes.

The Real Money Makers

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Nature Runes

Although you won’t receive multiple Nature runes per pure essence, you will still make more money running Nature runes than running Air runes. Pure essence currently cost 119 gp each and Natures cost 230 gp each.

Cost: 28 pure essence x 119 gp = 3,332

Money Earned: 28 Nature runes x 230 gp = 6,440

Profit per Trip: 6,440 - 3,332 = 3,108 gp per trip

You can see that running Nature runes is more profitable, but it initially costs more, too. 3,108 gb per trip isn’t too bad, but Laws still can make you more money. So the question is: Why run Natures when you can make more with Laws? Many people done like to run all the way to Port Sarim, then take a boat, then run again until you hit the Law rune altar, so they might go with the easier Nature rune running. Other people may be getting Nature runes to use for High Alchemy, so it all depends.

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Law Runes

The most profitable runes are Law Runes. You still only get 1 Law for 1 pure essence, but Law runes cost 283 gp each.

Cost: 28 pure essence x 119 gp = 3,332 (Note: The same as Nature runes.)

Money Earned: 28 Law runes x 283 gp = 7,924 gp

Profit per Trip: 7,924 - 3,332 = 4,592 gp per trip

Hopefully, you can see that there is an ample amount of profit able to be made in minutes of running around Runescape. Law runes are your best bet for making quick, fast money, but don’t forget about Natures or Airs, because those are needed to gain initial wealth or to get other levels up fast. Use this rune running guide to your advantage and start making money on Runescape now! Time is money, and money is everything in Runescape. Hopefully this will be a way you can use to get your first 100k gp, 1 million gp, or 100 million gp.

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