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Part Six of Runescape Skill Magic: The Spells (Alchemy)

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

We've covered so much on the magic skill in Runescape, but there is a few things left to cover. In this section we'll learn all about the Alchemy spells at your disposal.

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    This next article in the series is going to tell you about the attack and alchemy spells that you can use with your magic ability. Both are going to be listed in your spell book, and if you are a high enough skill level and have the correct runes you will be able to cast them.

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    Alchemy Conversion Spells

    These are the spells that will allow you to convert one item into another. They are both interesting and very usable in game.

    • Bones to Bananas – This unique spell requires a magic skill level of 15. It will also need two earth runes, two water runes, and a nature rune. This spell makes the bones that are in your item bag turn into edible bananas. This is an interesting way to make food for yourself. Bananas are used as food source, as some quest items, and as an ingredient in some recipes.
    • Low Level Alchemy – This will take a level in magic skill of 21. It will take three fire runes and a nature rune. This is used to transform items into the amount of money that it will sell for in a general store. It is quicker than going to the bank. This is good if you need quick inventory space.
    • Superheat Item – This is for a magic skill level of 43 or higher. It will take four fire runes and a nature rune. It is used in place of a furnace in order to smelt an ore item into a bar. Fabulous skill where you won't need to find a furnace to get the bars you need.
    • High Level Alchemy – This takes a magic skill level of 55. It needs five fire runes and a nature rune. This spell will transform items that you want to highlight into the amount of money that it will generally sell for at a specialty shop (more than you’ll get for the low level alchemy). It too is quicker than going to the bank. Another great way to clear out additional storage space in your inventory.
    • Bones to Peaches – This works like the bones to banana spell. It needs a magic level of 60 and runes. The runes that you will need are two nature, four water, and four earth. Peaches will heal your player for 8 hitpoints. You must go to the Mage training area and buy the bones to peaches spellbook.
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    As you can see there are some really useful Alchemy spells like Superheat and the low/high level alchemy ones, and then there are those that are just fun like the Bones to Bananas. Hopefully between these and the last section, on Attack spells, you will have a great bundle of spells at your disposal.