Part One of Runescape Skill Magic: Getting Started

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Another fun skill to level up and use is Magic. If you are a caster, you will be using a ton of the magic and runecrafting skills. The magic skill will let you use spells and imbue items. There is a lot to learn in magic, from the magical items, the spells, the staves and wands you can use, to just general guidelines to tell you how to get started.

Spellbook Secrets

All your spells will be in your spell book. This is noted in the right of your screen with the book. This will tell you all of the skills that you’ve learned. The icons will tell you if you can cast that spell or not. A colored in icon will tell you that you are the correct level for the spell and that you have the runes that it requires, however, a blacked out icon will tell you that either you are not the correct level for the spell or you do not have the runes that are required to cast. If you mouse over the spell it will tell you the magic level needed to use the skill, the runes required, and its description. Runes are a very important part of all magic

Unsuccessful Magic

There are times when you’ll miss your target. When this happens you will still use up your rune, but you will also still get the experience for it. Make sure you have plenty of runes in your inventory if you are going to be a caster, you never want to run out in mid-battle. If you are continually missing spells perhaps get a magic booster or magic potion to temporarily boost your skill level.

Combination Runes

These are done by runecrafting only. They are what you get when you combine two other runes together. Currently the Combination runes are Mist Runes (from air and water), Mud Runes (from water and earth), Dust Runes (from air and earth), Smoke Runes (from air and fire), Lava Runes (from earth and fire), and Steam Runes (from water and fire). More information on combination runes can be found in the embedded link.

Where to Get Non-Combination Runes

These runes are found in many ways, a few are listed here to get you pointed in the right direction.

  • Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Mind, Body – These are bought in Magic Guild, Mage Arena, Port Sarim, and Varrock.
  • Law, Nature – These are bought in the Mage Arena.
  • Chaos, Death – These two can be bought in Varrock, Magic Arena, and in Port Sarim.
  • Soul – This one is bought in the Magic Guild.
  • Astral – Bought in the Lunar Isle’s Baba Yaga Magic shop.
  • Blood – Found in the Chaos Druid tower’s Treasure chest.
  • Cosmic – Found in the level 48 wilderness at the Wilderness Ice Plateau.


Now that we know the basics, we can move toward learning the spells, finding the magical items in game, and get to learning all about the staffs and wands that will be available to you to use. The fun in Magic is learning, and if you’ve a passion for wizardry things, it’s definitely the skill for you.

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