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Runescape Skill Magic Part Two: Wands and Staves

by: Finn Orfano ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

If you are going to really look like a wizard you are going to have to have a wand or staff in your hand. For the magic skill in Runescape, there really is no alternative. Let's take a look at wands and staffs.

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    While you are leveling up your magic you’re going to want to carry a wand or staff with you to do battle. These are the mainstay for a mage, wizard, or other spell weaving character. We’ll look at staffs and wands, see what their differences are, and let you decide which is more suited for you.

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    These weapons have to be received in order. You can’t wield a high level wand without going through the stages from the lowest wand to that particular wand. Wands are purchased from the Mage Training Arena, bought with pizzazz points. Wands will give you a good amount of defense and magic attack buffs. You are also allowed to autocast regular spells while you are equipped with a wand. Here are all the types of wands that you can use in Runescape.

    • Beginner wands – These are the ones that you will start off with. It will add +5 to your magic attack and to your defense bonus. It requires you to have a level of 45 magic skill.
    • Apprentice wands – These are the second level of wands. It will add +10 to your magic attack and to your defense bonus. It will require you to have a level of 50 in magic skill.
    • Teacher wands – These are the third level of wands. It will add +15 to your magic attack and to your defense bonus. It will require you to have a level of 55 in magic skill.
    • Master wands – These are the fourth and final stage of wands. It will add +20 to your magic attack and to your defense bonus. It will require you to have a 60 magic skill level.
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    There are four particular types of staffs. There are elemental staffs, battle staffs, and mystic staffs, and special staffs. All staffs, you’ll notice, are either regular staffs (basic) and magical staffs. Magical staffs will give you a little boost to your magic attack and your defense. You can make your staff attack with a spell instead of with melee by going to fighting style menu, right side top, click on the spell button and choose the attack you want to do. This will let you attack with the spell instead of using the staff as a melee weapon.

    • Elemental Staffs – These are the air, water, fire, and earth staffs. If you are constantly using one type of rune in your travels, get that type of staff (for example, using a lot of air runes? Grab yourself an air staff). Elemental staffs will add +10 to your magic attack and defense.
    • Battle Staffs – These are like regular elemental staffs but with charged orbs. They are stronger. You can craft an orb from glass, cast a charge spell upon the orb’s obelisk to power it, and then attach that orb to a staff to make a battle staff.
    • Mystic Staffs – These are Battle staffs that are enchanted. They are stronger than elemental staffs. To make one, grab a battle staff and finish up the quest of “Scorpion Catcher”. Then you can get Thormac the wizard to do it for you at the price of 40,000gp.
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    Special Staffs

    These are staffs that are given from a quest or from a particular monster. They are not made and cannot be bought otherwise.

    • Ahrims Staff – This staff will give you a +15 to your magic attack and defense. It will require a level of 70 attack and magic to use it. It is part of the Ahrim the Blighted set.
    • Ancient Staff – You will need to finish the Desert Treasure quest and then you will find that it is available for purchase from Elbis afterwards. It will be 80,000gp. It will give you +15 to your magic attack and defense.
    • God Staffs – These are chosen after you defeat Kolodion while you are in the Mage arena. You’ll have the spell that is specific to the god staff you choose. Each will add +6 to your magic attack and defense. The Staff of Saradomin will give you Saradomin strike, the Zamorak staff will give you Flames of Zamorak, and the Guthix staff will give you Claws of Guthix.
    • Lava Staff – The lava staff will give you an unending supply of earth and fire runes to use and it will be attained as a drop from the Kalphite Queen.
    • Lunar Staff – After you are done with the Lunar Diplomacy Quest you are going to be able to purchase it from Oneiromancer. It will give a +13 to magic attack and defense, and it will give an additional +3 to prayer as well.
    • Mud Battlestaff – On Waterbirth Island, this will drop from the Dagganoth kings. It will give you a never ending supply of both water and earth runes.
    • Obsidian Staff – Or Toktz-mej-tel. You will be able to get this from using TokKul from the Fight pit equipment shop.
    • Slayer Staff – This will give you +12 to your magic attack and defense. It will be bought off of the slayer masters. You can use this staff to do magic darts.
    • Staff of Iban – You will have to finish the quest of “Underground Pass”. It will add +10 to magic attack and defense, allowing you to use the Iban blast spell too.
    • Void Knight Mace – This is bought for 250 pest points from the Pest Control. It will allow a player to put Claws of Guthix on auto cast to use in battle.
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    Now that we know what the caster can carry to help in battle and as a spellcaster item, we’ll want to look at the magical items that they can get in the game. The next portion of the guide will talk about that and then we’ll get into the armor and clothing that can be worn.