Runescape Item Guide: Ranged Weapons

Runescape Item Guide: Ranged Weapons
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Ranged Weapons

These are your bows, your throwing axes, and your darts. When you want to start taking them out one by one when your enemies are all in a cluster group, this is the way to go. But which ranged weapons can be found in Runescape, and which ones are available to free players?

Longbows – Can be wood, oak, maple, and willow in the free game; plus yew and magic in the paid for game. They are able to fire normal arrow or poison arrows and are more powerful bows with a greater range. They have lesser speed than others.

Shortbows – Can be wood, oak, willow, or maple in the free game; plus yew and magic in the paid for game. They aren’t as powerful as others but have a good rate of fire speed.

Composite Bows – These can be willow in the free edition of the game; plus yew and magic in the members game. They are right in the middle of longbows and shortbows. They can be won but not fletched. A good choice for middle power and middle damage attacks.

Ogre Bow & Ogre Composite Bow – Both of these are in the members edition of the game only and are very powerful albeit slow. “Big Chompy Bird Hunting” will teach you how to make the ogre bows. You learn how to make the ogre composite bow during “Zogre Flesh Eaters”.Remember that with the ogre composite bow you can use brutal ogre arrows that have a nail for the arrowhead!

Seercull – This random drop on Waterbirth Island is strictly a members only item, not on the free game at all. You can rip through your enemy and its magic level with ease with this weapon. It’s about a mid range speed weapon.

Dark Bow – This bow is also a members paid edition only weapon. It’s very slow but it makes up for it by firing two arrows at the same time. Also this will be the only bow that you can find that will fire the dragon arrows, the highest damage special arrow in the game.

Crystal Bow – Given as a reward in the Roving Elves quest, a crystal bow needs 70 ranged ability and 50 agility points. It is only in the paid game and it’s about middle of the road in speed. No ammunition is required with this bow.

Darts – These are also only in the members edition of the game and are found as bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant, rune, and dragon forms. They are very fast and you can poison them for even more damage. A very quick way to inflict damage on an enemy. The dragon darts are available in the Impetuous Impulses minigame.

Knives – Also a members only paid game item, knives are found as bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant, and rune. These can be dipped in poison for more damage and you have a little more strength and increased attack range in knives over darts.

Dorgeshuun Crossbow – This is a wee bit slower than some crossbows, but it is a nice stealth weapon made from bone. It is the only one that can fire bone bolts as well. You will only find this in the member’s paid game.

Karil’s Crossbow – This is found in the Barrows minigame and requires two hands. It has a nice high rate of fire and damage. To use this item you will need special bolt racks that are from the traveler on the docks in Port Phasmatys. It is not found in the free game, only the paid game.

Throwing Axes – These are a little slow for a thrown weapon, and they cannot be poisoned. However they are still a powerful little attack and useful to draw an enemy from a crowd. They are found in bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant, and rune. These are in the members paid game only.

Javelins – Also a paid for game item only and not in the free edition, javelins are good for middle rate of damage and rate of fire. These can be poisoned and come in bronze, iron, steel, mithril, adamant, and rune.

The TokTz-Xil-UI – A throwing ring that is found in the members game, it has a high attack bonus and gives you the option for a shield’s armor too.

Cannon – These are available in the members paid game after the Dwarf Cannon quest. You are able to buy a cannon that is prefilled with balls to fire at your enemies.

Hunter’s Crossbow – Not available in the free game, they have a very fast rate of fire and it only fires kebbit bolts. Kebbit bolts are made from kebbit remains you will have to gather.

Crossbows – In the free game you can find normal and phoenix crossbows. In the members paid game you will add bronze, blurite, iron, steel, mithril, adamant, and rune to the mix. They use bolts and not arrows and can be used with a shield for more armor value. All members edition crossbows from bronze level up can use gem tipped enchanted bolts. These give extra magical effects.


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