RPG Games Like Runescape: Picking a Runescape-like Game

RPG Games Like Runescape: Picking a Runescape-like Game
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Enter the Runescape Competitors

Runescape is a great free online game, but if you’d started to grow tired of the same-old same old you may want to pick up another similar free MMO.

The Runescape formula’s success has indeed resulted in many games like Runescape. The four games listed here are ones that you absolutely must check out if you want an experience similar to what is found in Runescape.

Sherwood Dungeon

Do you like to kill monsters? Do you like to bash your opponent’s heads in? Then Sherwood Dungeon might be the game for you.

Sherwood Dungeon is a free game like Runescape which focuses heavily on combat. Sherwood Dungeon uses Shockwave, and it allows you to get into the game right away without any sign-up required. Sherwood Dungeon doesn’t have any character classes to choose from at start, but rather offers a few character model options. These ultimately don’t have an effect on how the game plays but do spice the game’s visuals up.

Sherwood Dungeon is all about combat. The starting area is immediately full of monsters and you can begin hack-and-slashing your way through the game. Sherwood Dungeon’s combat is simple at first, but becomes more interesting as you gain additional magic items and weapons. Like any MMO, getting the right equipment is a big part of the game, and killing monsters will quickly rack up a lot of loot.

You’ll never lack monsters to kill, as Sherwood Dungeon gradually becomes more difficult as you delve deeper into the game. According to the game’s creator, no player has ever actually conquered the Dungeon. There are endless things to do, so long as you want to stab a baddie in the face!

Knight Online

Games like Runescape: Knight Online

Like Sherwood Dungeon, Knight Online is a game like Runescape which focuses on combat. However, Knight Online lets you spend a great deal of your time facing an opponent who is far more dangerous and devious than any monster - other players.

There is a significant faction-based player versus player combat system in Knight Online which, according to the game’s creators, is the game’s largest draws. Player factions fight battles over territory in order to earn rewards and simple bragging rights. Using your class skills to support your side in battle a significant part of winning the game. This is not only a player versus player game, however - there are monsters to fight as well.

Knight Online has four basic character classes to choose from including the Priest, Mage, Rouge and Warrior. The fill the roles that you would expect them to fill and can be specialized into other sub-classes later in the game. The game also has an interesting equipment system which includes ‘Cursed Weapons" which can be created only after finding the proper ingredients.

Last Chaos

Games like Runescape: Last Chaos

Last Chaos is a very large free to play game like Runescape which includes significant combat and non-combat elements. The game focuses heavily on cooperative combat against enemy monsters.

There are six character classes in Last Chaos, and they are all very distinctive. The classes are the Knight, Healer, Mage, Rogue, Titan and Sorcerer. The class you choose will have a substantial impact on what your character is able to do. The Knight, for example, is by far the best defender, while the Mage is the best at doing ranged damage. It is also possible to further specialize into a sub-class later in the game, opening up more abilities.

Last Chaos also has a great system for upgrading your gear. Players can use “stones” to apply upgrades which make weapons and armor more effective. These stones can be found while exploring the world and killing monsters or can be obtained by trading with other players. Players can also obtain Runes which further increase gear effectiveness by applying special effects.

Conquer Online

Games like Runescape: Conquer Online

Made by a Chinese developer and set in a mythical rendition of ancient China, Conquer Online is a very large free to play MMO which provides a huge variety of experiences for players. Of all games like Runescape, Conquer Online is the closest in sheer size.

There are six classes available in Conquer Online. These classes include the Ninja, Archer, Fire Taoist, Water Taoist, Warrior and Trojan. The classes are more unique than what you’d normally find in a free to play MMO. The Water Taoist, for example, has many abilities including healing and offensive spells and uses a sword to defend herself. Other classes, like the Warrior and Archer, are a bit more straight-forward. As players advance they can earn promotions which provide extra abilities. There is also the chance to have your character be “reborn” when it reaches max level. Your character starts back out at level fifteen, but gains new bonuses not normally available.

Conquer Online also has a comprehensive economy. There is a huge variety of items available in the game, and the most powerful items can significantly benefit your character’s development. Other economic activities, such as mining, also exist. These activities can provide you with goods that can be used in trade or to create other items. Many items in the game have sockets into which special gems can be added. These gems are bought or found in mining and can provide special powers.