Last Chaos Class Guide - Knight, Titan, and Rogue

Last Chaos Class Guide - Knight, Titan, and Rogue
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Introduction to the Last Chaos Class Guide

A lot of people join the Last Chaos community with little or no information about each individual character class. This results in players choosing the class they think is the ‘coolest’ and they find themselves stuck with a class that doesn’t suit their playing style. A player can have up to four characters at once but what’s the point in having four if you don’t know which class(es) suit you best?

Each player knows how they like to play MMORPGs – some want a character with a high defence that can withstand attacks for long periods of time while they whittle their enemies away, while others want a character that offers them quick and easy kills. Some classes are built to solo level while others focus mainly on partying. So if you’re confused about what each class has to offer you’ve come to the right place to find out.

The Knight

Knights have very high defence and above average HP recovery time. As with all characters in last chaos you can choose between two weapons for the Knight class; dual swords which have a higher hit rate or a sword and shield which have a higher attack.

Knights have very low Magical Defence, so don’t even think about challenging a Mage or Healer unless you are a much higher level than them.

Knights' high defence and average attack means that they are the perfect class for pet training. Remove you Knight’s weapons and attack a nearby monster of the same level for an extended pet training session.

Knight’s fair much better solo than in parties.

The Titan


Titans have a slower hit rate than knights but their attacks are significantly stronger. They have a lot of HP but only average defence so if players using the Titan class must depend on quick kills. The weapon choices for Titan are axes or swords, with axes having the higher damage rate and swords having the higher hit rate.

Titans generally do not work well in parties because they finish their enemies off too quickly.

Titan’s also have a low magical defence.

The Rogue


Rogue’s are small and fast. The have low defence and a high hit rate, but most importantly they have a significant evasion rate. You may find other players getting annoyed as you slowly erode them away with you attacks while they struggle to even land an attack on you.

Rogue’s can choose between dual daggers with a high hit rate or the crossbow with a high attack.

Rogue’s can work well both solo and in parties.

The Healer in Last Chaos


Healers are built for partying and do not do very well on their own once they reach the higher levels.

Healers' main power is the ability to heal others – they have very low HP, defence and attack. This means you could find yourself frustratedly re-healing yourself if you are alone, in order to survive you will find yourself relying on others to defend you while you heal the party.

Healers can choose between a scepter, with high magical ability to aid in healing or bow with high attack.

The Mage


The Mage is one of the most frequently chosen classes in Last Chaos. Mages have very high magic and magical attack, leaving them as one of the few classes that can easily defeat the strong titans and knights.

The majority of Mages' attacks are performed from a distance using either a wand, giving you more cursing spells or a staff which deals a higher amount of damage.

Mages do well in parties and soloing because of their strong magical abilities, they will usually be one of the leading members in a party.

The Sorcerer


Sorcerers are one of the least frequently chosen classes in the game. The have low defence and mostly depend on the creatures they summon to fight for them or their magic to increase their attack.

Sorcerers can choose between using a fallarm, allowing them to call spirits to defend them or a scythe, which allows them to transform their appearance and increase their attack.

Sorcerers work well both partying and soloing.


Choosing a character class is all down to personal choice – while some player make their choice based on the character’s attack and pther such skills others decide by looking at each character’s party suitability. Choosing the right class means choosing the one that fits your personal gaming style.

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