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Aeria Games: The Free MMO Gaming Community

by: Lynda Mc Donald ; edited by: Michael Hartman ; updated: 4/17/2012 • Leave a comment

Aeria games is one of the biggest online gaming communities. They also develop their own free to play MM0s and have a huge general fan base.

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    Aeria Games


    Aeria games claims to be the fastest growing online gaming community, and looking at the number playing their free MMOs I don't doubt it.

    Aeria games have currently released nineteen MMOs, eleven of which are still online, and have two Beta versions of new MMOs online now. All of the games they offer are free to play. The community does offer the freemiuim option associated with most 'free' MMOs. Players are given the option of buying Aeria points which they can then cash in in the game of their choice for particular items etc. Buying Aeria points is completely optional, but having them makes levelling considerably quicker, and using the points to but rare items to sell can make you filthy rich. Unlike most other companies that offer the freemium option with their games Aeria points are affordable and are not specific to any game which is great if you're a fan of more than one of their games.

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    Online Community

    Aside from offers a huge variety of free MMOs, Aeria games also offer a very active online community through its website. Each player who creates an Aeria account also gets access to the forums for each of the Aeria games and a blog for their gamer profile. This allows for players to interact with each other on a new level, and noobs are expected in the forms rather than ridiculed, as they would be during gameplay. The Aeria games website also offers game guides for new players on each game.

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    Fantasy MMORPGs



    last chaos 

    Aeria games currently has three fantasy-based MMORPGs; Last Chaos, Shaiya and Megaten. It has also recently released a Beta version of the Fantasy MMORPG Turf Battles.

    Last Chaos and Shaiya are the company's most famous titles. Last Chaos was also the first game to be released by Aeria games, and is considered by many MMO enthusiasts it be the best free MMORPG of all time, and many claim it easily rivals the famous World Of Warcraft MMORPG.

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    Martial Arts MMORPGs


    Aeria games offer three free martial arts MMORPGs – Twelve Sky, Twelve Sky 2 and DragonSky. The graphics and game play are very similar to those in the fantasy games they offer. They only differ in the fact that, naturally being martial arts related, the Sky series of games have much more oriental appearance.

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    Other Games

    The company also offers two social MMORPGs; Luminary and Dream Of Mirror Online. Dream Of Mirror Online fell into the spotlight sometime ago as Aeria games controversially allowed its player to enter into same-sex relationships if they wished. Dream Of Mirror Online is the most popular of the two social MMORPGs offered by Aeria games, especially after experiencing such controversy.

    Project Torque is the only Racing MMORPG offered by Aeria games, and, from looking at the forums, it seems to be quiet popular among Aeria members. Its popularity is surprising considering the entire game consists of simply racing, so I can only presume that the majority of its fan base is compiled of casula gamers as I would think harcore MMO fans would be bored by the monotony.

    Aeria games has only one MMORPG that is European based, that is the arcade style Latale. Latale seems, to me, to be one of Aeria games' least popular games, but, even so, the forums associated with it are still quiet active.

    Hello Kitty Online is currently being offered by the company as a Beta version, and is, presumably aimed towards a younger audience. The company describes it as a casual MMORPG. The graphics for Hello Kitty Online are of surprisingly good quality for a game aimed towards a younger audience.

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    LuminaryDream Of Mirror OnlineProject TorqueLataleHello Kitty Online
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    Is it worth it?

    Simply. Yes.

    Whether you're looking for a free MMO or a low cost past-time, Aeria games offers both - you can choose how much you spend. If you spend your points wisely you could greatly increase you're gaming experience. Buying a relatively small amount of points could lead you to being ridiculously rich or powerful in the game of your choice, and most players usually want one or the other. Aeria games also famously offer a huge amount of regular Aeria points deals (e.g. buy one get one free) and great holiday packages for every game.

    Aeria games offers a great deal to both casual and hardcore gamers alike, whether you want to discuss games on the forums or be the first to play the Beta version of the latest free MMORPG Aeria games is a gaming community that can not be overlooked.