MMORPGs, MMO Tycoon, MMO Social, & MMO Adult Games - The Last Three Categories

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MMO Tycoon Games

With the massive success of all the tycoon games out there on the market today, such as Fish Tycoon and Real Estate Tycoon, it was only a matter of time before the MMO market started venturing into that territory as well. While there aren’t many of these out there yet, they are starting to grow in popularity around the world. Two of the main ones that have popped up and are starting to gain some major followings are Industry Player and Starpeace, and they both seem to be great tycoon-based games.

Social MMO Games

These types of games have started to become one of the main ways of communicating and socializing with people all over the world. The MMO social games are more focused on socializing with other players instead of more “goal” based games, like those that involve quests and experience. One of the most popular social MMO games out there on the market today is Second Life by Linden Labs. These types of MMO games allow you to build up your alter online ego in every way – from housing to jobs to love. Social MMO games allow people to socialize without leaving their computer. There are actually several types of these social MMO games out today that are doing quite well, such as Dotsoul and Furcadia. Sony is also trying to get in on this swiftly rising market, and when their PlayStation Home is released, it will fall into the MMO social category as well.

Adult MMO Games

You knew this had to happen sooner or later – the adult version of the MMO game. These adult-themed MMO games allow adults over age 18 to log in and create their own type of social universe. What is amazing to me, and most players around the globe, is that these adult themed MMO games have really great graphics and allow users to completely design their world. Most of these adult MMO games will allow the player to have a “home” of their own, where they can design everything. Of course, the main theme for these games is not just socialization, but give more emphasis on some aspect of sexuality.

That’s All There Is To It

And, now with these three articles, we’ve gone through all of the different categories of MMO games that there are out there on the market today. With the widening MMO market, there are sure to be more games added to each category every year and with the popularity of the MMO game, it is safe to say that many manufacturers will begin to utilize this strategy in old favorites as well. So, you can start to imagine what your favorite game of all time will be like as an MMO game.

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