Aeria Games: MegaTen Imagine Online

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The Story Line

After a massive nuclear war that surrounded the globe and almost wiped out humanity, those humans who survived went underground in massive shelters that they built to house everyone until the time was right for them to rise once again to the surface. During this time underground, the Seven Philospohers who led those survivors constructed a massive tower, which soon became known as Shinjuku Babel. But, this tower soon fell as the demons who took over the earth above ground erected massive towers of their own around it. The humans living in Third Home were suddenly wiped out once more by a demon attack and it is now up to you, a Demon Buster, to go in and search for survivors as well as move throughout the remaining world in search of fame and fortune as well as how to defeat the demon lords.

As far as MMO games go, this is probably one of the most original story lines that I have come across in a long time. Upon reading the story as the game is opening, I was hooked. With such a unique story line, this game is sure to do well.


In game, you only have the human race to choose from. While there are many great customizations that you can do when you are creating your toon - in game, you’ll find so much more to play around with. Different fashions, armor, weapons, computers, and more await you as you level through the game.

Along with your character, you also have the ability to train and negotiate with demons in the area to become your friend and fight along side you. You must learn how to communicate and train with your demons, keep them healthy and happy and feed them “demon snacks” to keep them friendly to you so you don’t end up fighting them as well.


This game uses the same basic interface that 99% of the MMO games out there use. This is nice, as there isn’t much different to get used to. The combat system is a real time environment that allows you tons of different types of weapons to use at your command. From normal swords to guns to a type of light saber and nunchucks, man, you just can’t go wrong here. There are different moves that you will get training on before you head out into the main gaming world, which helps to give you a head’s up on tactics and fighting moves before you come across a demon in battle that you may not know how to defeat. Personally, I think that this is really awesome, as there are not many games out there that will actually put your toon through training before you enter the game world.

System Requirements

Before you head over and sign up for the beta, you want to make sure that your system will be able to handle it. So, here are the system requirements:

Operating System: Windows XP or Vista

DirectX: DirectX 9.0 or higher

CPU: 3.1 Ghz Intel P3 or higher

Memory: 512 MB RAM or more

Graphics Card: must be compatible with DirectX 9 and 3D acceleration, such as the GeForce4, ATI RADEON 8500, or better

Hard Drive: 3.5 GB free space

Network: Cable modem or DSL

Getting Into The Closed Beta

Sound like a sweet free MMO game to try out? Well, you can sign up for the closed beta here, and you can find out more about the game as well as see screenshots and other graphics on the main website at