Last Chaos Quest Guide: Ichi and Scra-Chi Pets

Last Chaos Quest Guide: Ichi and Scra-Chi Pets
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Ichi and Scra-Chi Pet Uses

Last year Last Chaos released their most anticipated game update; the Ichi and Scra-chi pets. Unlike the game’s previous pets which were mainly trained to become mounts, Ichi and Scra-chi can fight on behalf of their owner. The previous Pet Quests in Last Chaos were very simple, the Ichi and Scra-Chi pets are not. Ichi and Scra-Chi pets are also very expensive to keep so having ones usually denotes that the owner is wealthy in-game and most use them simple as a power symbol.

Starting The Quest

The quest to get either pet is long. It mostly requires you to gather a lot of items and give them to various NPCs.

The quest begins once you acquire a Torn Book of Life Chapter (Chapter 1 is Scra-chi and 2 is Ichi). Items are dropped by a monster after it is killed.

Once you have a Torn Book of Life Chapter the quest icon should appear over NPC Lorraine in Randol. Ifapproach her with the book she will point you in the direction of the Velpist temple to talk to the Sealed Book Of Life NPC, who will send you to read the book of life which is also in Velpist Temple.

The Book Of Life will offer two separate quest based on which chapter you present it with.

The quest for each pet begins to vary from here.

The following quests are very long and the last part of the quest requires your character to be a high level in order to get the required items. The quest can also become obscenely expensive if you want to take the easy way out and buy the required pet parts.

Quest for Scra-Chi


After encountering the book you should find a new quest in your inventory (ALT+Q) to collect 1 Dark Gem Stone Of Courage, 1 Dark Gem Stone of Time and 1 Dark Gem Stone of Resurrection and return them to the book.

Find the NPC Magician in Randol and talk to him about the gems and you will receive a quest to acquire 14 Dark Orbs and 17 Mist Eyes and bring them to the Broken Moonstone Golem, another NPC in Caron, Merac.

Finding the orbs and mist eyes is not difficult, it just takes a lot of patience; the dark orbs can be found in monster drops left by all types of Orcs in the Prokion Temple and by Dark Goddesses. Mist eyes are dropped by Poison Mysts.

The Golem you just dealt with should now issue you a quest to get him 3 Perfect Moonstones. Perfect Moonstones are pretty rare in the game so the easiest way to get one is to combine some lower level ones, but that’s not always a guaranteed a success. You can buy moonstone combination boxes for the general stall vendor, and remember the higher the grade of the box the higher your chances of success.

Once you’ve done everything the Golem wants you need to find the Great Magician Minearm, also in Merac, for a new quest. The Magician will tell you to collect 77 Black Diamonds to give to another NPC - Spirit Magician Heras in Aaron on Eghea.

You can acquire Black Diamonds through processing Quality Stones. Be warned; it costs 6 Quality Stones per Black Diamond and it’s expensive!

The Expensive Ending to the Scra-Chi Quest

The next quest also requires you to talk to Magician Heras, who will ask you to bring him 1 Horse Main and 1 Horse Skin.

These are either going to take you a really long time to get or a disgraceful amount of gold to buy. You can sacrifice a horse to receive a body part once it reaches lvl 20, which takes a lot of time, which also makes them very expensive to buy. If you decide to raise a horse specifically for this quest I will almost guarantee that you will either be too attached to it or just unwilling to give up that much time levelling to kill it, especially for another pet that can’t even act as a mount.

Once again you must return to Heras for a quest, this time he asks you to bring him 10 Coin of Masters. The coins are difficult to get if you are not a high level (which you already should be if you’ve been able to come up with the horse parts). You are awarded these coins for completing certain levels of the Monster Combo Challenge.

The Monster Combo challenge is an area full of monsters that you must kill. The higher level the monsters are the more it costs to enter and the bigger the prize money.

When you return with the coins you should finally receive the final Dark gem Stone of Resurrection and can return to the book of life to receive your pet and various items for its upkeep.

Quest for Ichi


For this Quest the Book of Life in the Velpist temple will ask you to get 3 Gold Gem Stones Of Hope, The Eternal and Resurrection to the Book Of Life.

Go to the Avaricious Magician in Randol to receive a quest to collect 14 Fox Tails and 17 Horn Beast Eyes to give to the Broken moonstone Golem in Caron, Merac.

The Golem should then give you a quest to obtain 3 Perfect Moonstones for him. Combining lower level moonstones, using moonstone combination boxes from the general stall vendor is the easiest way to achieve this.

Your next quest is from the Magician Minearm who wants you to take 100 Cotton Fabrics to Spirit Magician Heras in Aaron, Eghea. You can acquire Cotton Fabric by processing Green Herb Trunks.

Heras will then issue you with a new quest to obtain 1 Dragon Heart and 1 Dragon Brain. This is going to really break the bank unless you are filthy rich. Your options are either to buy the items from players in town or level two dragons to lvl 20 and sacrifice them, which will take so long it is not worth it for most players.

Heras should then ask you to present him with 10 Coin Of Masters. You can win the coins by completing the higher levels of the Monster Combo Challenge.

Give Heras the coins to get the last item you need for the Ichi quest and return to the Book Of Life in the Velpist temple to get your Ichi pet and some pet items too.

Important Note About Quest


When you are faced with an NPC character asking you to get them items only found in monster drops you probably, like most people, will initially think of buying the items instead of retrieving them yourself. This is a bad idea unless you are already a considerably high level. The reason that the NPC’s quest requires you to fight hoards of monsters is to help you level. If you are somehow rich enough to buy all the items you need for the quest and find yourself with an Ichi or Scra-Chi pet and your character is not a very high level, you will not be gaining enough gold per monster drop or quest to keep your pet healthy and it will become useless to you.

Pet Stats, Weapons and Armour


Your new pet is almost like an extension of your character; it too has stats for magic, attack, defence etc. Like your character, your pet also gains applicable stat points when it levels up.

Ichi and Scra-Chi pets also have active skills, so they can help you fight, although there is only two per pet.

Weapons and items for Ichi and Scra-Chi Pets were originally only be bought from the item mall – with real money. Like almost everything else they have since leaked onto the in-game market but they are not anywhere near cheap.


Just like Horses and Dragons, Ichi and Scra-Chi pets also have mana (magic), hunger and sympathy meters that you need to attend to. You can buy various items that will increase each of these meters from Pet Merchant Polly in Randol. These items are all very expensive, especially considering how regularly you will need to buy them in order to keep your pet healthy.

Experience Gain

book of life

Unlike Horses and Dragons, who gain XP from the amount of time they are equipped during a battle, Ichi and Scra-chi gain experience per fight. They also gain more experience based on the level of the defeated monster. The pet does not have to deal any damage to the monster to gain XP, it just has to be equipped.

Are they worth it?

Ichi and Scra-Chi pets are difficult to get, expensive to keep but they give a lot back to your character. When you’re levelling your character having a pet that can also attack can be invaluable. It allows you to increase the level of the monsters you can attack and to kill monsters quicker allowing for a faster method of levelling.

If you are in a position to take care of an Ichi or Scra-chi pet then they can be a huge benefit, on the other hand, if you get one and don’t have the resources to keep it healthy you could be in for a huge disappointment.

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