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Last Chaos Level Guide
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Getting To Level 12

It is fairly easy for any class of character to reach level 12 in Last Chaos.

When you begin the game you automatically spawn inside Juno’s main city; Randol. Leaving Randol city through either of the gates will bring you onto the open Juno map. The lowest level monsters are nearest to the gates. Start off by attacking deer and foxes. Attacking a jaguar or wolf may seem like a good idea but you will soon realise that they are defensive pack animals and they will join forces to defend themselves against you and it is very unlikely that your character is strong enough to defeat an entire mob.

If you do find yourself being surrounded by aggressive monsters run back to town as fast as possible. Buying some speed boost potions before you begin training is a good idea if you can afford some.

You can check the level of a monster by clicking on it.

A monster who is green or blue is a lower level than you; this means they will be easy to kill, but they will not award you a lot of experience.

A monster that is yellow, red or orange is a higher level than you and you should avoid them unless you are confident that your defence is high enough to withstand their attack.

White monsters are the same level as you, which makes them the best choice.

If you want to level faster try buying a lot of defence, attack and health potions and attacking a yellow monster can yield good results. If you want to go down this route remember to avoid aggressive monsters so you can rest in between attacks. It is hard for most players to continuously afford potions like this, so unless you have a higher level charcter to lend you dome gold it will be very difficult to level using this tactic indefinitely.


In your player menu you can find the mentor option. You can apply to be mentored by someone or announce in the town centre that you wish to be mentored. The majority of players do not undertake the responsibility of helping someone level, but you could get lucky (especially on a non-pvp server) and find yourself being power levelled (also known as speed levelling) by a fellow player.

Armor And Weapons


When you have levelled up by two or three levels it is time to take a trip back to town to upgrade your armor and weapon. You will have acquired enough gold to buy these by making sure to collect all of the item drops left behind when you defeat a monster. Keeping your armor and weapons at the right level will have a huge impact on your general attack and defence, so it is important to make those monotonous trips back to town after every two to three levels.

Level 12 -17

Once you reach level 12 the monsters nearby will not be offering you a lot of experience. If you train in a temple however, you will get a lot more experience. There is only one temple in Juno – the Velpist Temple. You can find it easily by heading towards the west side of the map. Training in the temple is easy. The monsters' levels grow as you climb higher up the temple so you can repeatedly defeat a mob until you level up and then move onto the next mob etc.

Getting To Level 31

Levelling your character in Last Chaos can seem like a daunting task once you bypass the lower levels (lvl 17 onwards). Experience gain is becoming slower and slower and grinding is becoming more and more of a reality. The gaps in armor levels are widening and the weapons are becoming more expensive. Getting past level 17 can be a challenge if you don’t know where to train.

Since you’ve finished with the Velpist Temple it is now time to leave Juno in search of a more appropriate temple to train in. Use your map to locate the town transporter and click on her. Select Dratan and wait a moment until you materialize in a new town. Stock up on supplies if you have to, then head out through the south gate. If you open your map you can see the Prokion Temple in the south east. This is where you are headed.

Be careful as you make your way to the temple as some of the monsters along the way can easily kill you, having a good supply of speed boost potions might be a good idea here too. It is also good to remember that the temple entrance is a safe zone, so you can’t be attacked there.

The Prokion Temple has basically the same format as the Velpist Temple; the lower-level monsters are on the lower floors. Continue on as you did in the previous temple. Levelling will take a lot longer than before though.

Heaven Stones


A lot of people seem to find Heaven Stones in their item drops in the Prokion Temple. If you are fortunate enough to find one it could help you to level a lot quicker. There is no real point to you using the stone yourself as it would have a much better benefit on a higher level character. Instead teleport back to Juno and sell it in the town centre. It make take a little while but someone will definitely buy it (if you are online during a peak time it could sell in literally seconds). You should check what other people are charging or announce the sale and see what offers you get, either way your guaranteed to make over a million.

When you get the money start looking around for players selling experience scrolls and boosters and buy as much as you can. Use the scrolls and boosters while you train to level up considerably quicker.



Partying up is really popular in the Prokion Temple, especially on non-pvp servers. Nearby players will randomly invite you to party with them. Accepting a party invite means that you can kill monsters faster thus gaining experience faster. The popularity of partying means the possibility of very large parties and quick experience gain.

If you can’t find someone to party with you can check the party application option on your player menu. It should provide you with a list of current open parties and their members as well as their location.

So What Now?

Once you’ve reached level 31 you will be faced with a difficult class choice. Each class has to make a choice between two classes e.g. a Rogue will have to choose between being an Assassin or a Ranger. Each class choice has different stat variations so levelling each is very specific.

If your having a hard time getting past the grinding aspect of levelling then joining a Guild is a good idea as they can offer you advice, and some even help you level. Following the quests is also important if you want to tear yourself away from training.

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