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Knowing about Salvation

Your Warrior Priest is a very versitale class. You can specialize in doing damage or healing or a perfect mixture of both. The first thing you have to understand about healing as a Warrior Priest is that you are NOT a focus healer. You will be extremely hard pressed to try to keep healing a tank who’s being attacked by several champion mobs. Where you will excel though is in Open World RvR and capture point scenarios. When going down the Path of Salvation, you are a support healer who is as good as, or better than, the other healing classes at keeping a group at high health. Salvation will require three things of you: you must not rush in and help fight, (My advice is to guard the healers and casters while casting your heals at the same time.), the second thing you must do is grab as much Willpower stats as possible followed by all the Toughness you can pull out of the cookie jar, (These will help you to succeed beyond the other healers.), the last thing is tactics. You have freedom here, but useful ones you want to consider are Cleansing Power (curse removal), Discipline, Sigmar’s Favor, Emporer’s Ward, and Divine Petioning. Certain combos of these will be better than others, and you want to make sure that you check on the combos to see which ones will do the best for your gaming style.

Healing and You!

As a Warrior Priest you can’t keep up a single target like a Runepriest or Archmage can, but you can toss them some Heal over Time’s (HoTs). The first thing you want to do for a single target is cast a medium heal with a small dose of HoT on the end, it is a half second cast and won’t take any time at all. Now, toss up Healing Hand, your biggest HoT. The two of these will tide your ally target over until either a more powerful single target healer can get to them, you can get your Rank 1 Morale heal off, or you begin to cast group heals. All three will work and they may not need any if they quickly dispatch their enemy.

Keeping a group up as a WP is very different, but just as easy. Depending on level and points spent in Path, this bit of healing for your group is going to differ. At the start of any fight with six vs. six, no one is going to be in trouble rght away. First thing is first, cast Healing Hand on the two thickest in the fight. It will most likely be tanks and melee DPS. Next, you need to get back that Righteous Fury you just lost. Cast Supplication, or hit and enemy twice with a special attack such as Sigmar’s Fist. Now that you have full Righteous Fury at least 3 people in your group are going to be needing some healing. You have some freedom here depending on the circumstances. First, you can give out more Healing Hands, or cast your group HoT, which is Pious Restoration. Second, cast your group shield to let the HoT get ticking, your group shield is called Pious Restoration. Last and most important is spam ouch of the Divine as much as you can. Once you have Martyr’s Blessing you can get your RF back up and cast it. Happy Healing!

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