The Best Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC Guide

The Best Battlefield Bad Company 2 PC Guide
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Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Electronics Arts' big cash cow of a first-person shooter, the Battlefield series, got a major face-lift with the release of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 in March 2010. Bad Company 2 was released to high praise from both gamers and critics alike for its performance on the PC platform, and it was also released successfully for the Xbox360 and the Playstation 3 platforms. With the overwhelming success of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare & Black Ops, EA took a page from Infinity Ward’s book and rebalanced their classes, maps, weapons and updated their graphics to great effect. But what was the final verdict on Bad Company 2, and which version should you buy for a game that is still hugely popular? Our reviewers say the PC edition of Battlefield Bad COmpany 2 is the best, but you decide for yourself. Check out these excellent articles for more basic information about BC2.

Of course, EA didn’t stop supporting Bad Company 2 just because it was released. Only a few months after BC2 went gold, EA released the new playable DLC gametype Onslaught for the Xbox 360 and PS3 games, and recently the PC version too. Check out the review here to see if it is worth your dough.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Classes

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Unlike other modern first person shooters like Gears of War and Call of Duty, Bad Company 2 uses classes to designate its players with specific weapons, roles, and vehicular abilities. The four available classes are the Assault, Recon, Medic and Engineer classes. Assault classes carry the heavy weapons in BC2, including heavy assault rifles, grenade launchers, rockets, and light machine guns. Recon classes are fast, light traveling support characters equipped with SMGs and Sniper rifles. Engineer classes carry explosives, SMGs and are adept at operate vehicles and machinery. Medic classes are fast and the ultimate support class, healing your team on the front lines while carrying SMGs and pistols. Of course, playing each class effectively is much harder when you are in the middle of a 32 man firefight, so for advanced help check out these class guides for Bad Company 2.

For a more general overview of how Battlefield Bad Company 2’s multiplayer system works, check out this multiplayer informational tutorial.

Bad Company 2 Advanced Strategies

One of the best feelings in modern video games is knowing that you totally pwned your skilled opponents not using exploits, cheats, or overpowered weapons, but using advanced melee strategies. To find out what some of these strategies are, check out these excellent Bad Company 2


multiplayer strategy guides.

Of course, multiplayer pwnage isn’t all about one-on-one tactics, or even knowing your class better than everybody else. In a large scale vehicular base assault, you need to have a high level of coordination. Luckily, we have a well written guide for that. Remember, multiplayer success is all about using your head, and your mouth to gain an advantage over your enemies.

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Ranks & Stats

Much like Call of Duty’s Prestige system of leveling and advancement, Bad Company 2 uses Ranks (based off of experience from kills and objectives) to advance player characters. When you Rank up, you get access to better weapons and vehicular capabilities. Pretty cool, but ranking up without a dedicated squad can be an exercise in frustration, especially if you avoid our excellent Multiplayer Ranking & Stats guides.

Aside from weapons, rank ups in Bad Company 2 also result in advanced vehicles opening up for use. Check out our guide for Bad Company 2 vehicles, and possible vehicle upgrades.

Bad Company 2: Multiplayer Tips


While squad based gameplay is important to your success in Bad Company 2, you also need to know how to handle the general gameplay mechanics of the game. Thankfully, there is an advanced guide for tips and tricks in BC2. Not only that, but experts BC2 players have recently begun sharing their best tips and tricks for online multiplayer in Bad Company 2.

As players rank up, they eventually start becoming bigger targets for their enemies, as they not only give more exp per kill, but they are also wielding the most powerful weapons and vehicles. Of course, getting to Vetern status for those big guns can be a little difficult at first, but it gets easier once you read this guide. There is also another resource that can provide gamers with a great way to improve their play in Bad Company 2: commentaries.

Bad Company 2: Achievements & Tech Support

What is a modern FPS without the proverbial carrot-on-a-stick grind in the form of both ranks, and achievements. While nothing more than virtual statements of howmuch of your life you have sunk into Bad Company 2, getting a trophy for killing three noobs with one headshot is a phenomenal feeling. Here are the lists of trophies and achievements for each version of the game.

Unfortunately, Battlefield Bad Company 2 does have some technical problems, including frequent sound board incompatibilities and mouse issues. Thankfully, we have guides for improving your sound, and your mouse gameplay immensely.

Bad Company 2 Extras Guide

The Battlefield Bad Company 2 experience does not end when you log off of your game, as now you can download some sweet BC2 wallpapers to decorate your now-bitchin' desktop. And now there is another expansion pack to keep historically interested gamers all in on BC2: Bad Company 2 Vietnam was recently released to rave reviews. Not only that, but there is a slew of new weapons available in BC2: Vietnam, many of which are varied and useful.

Due to these features and more, Battlefield: Bad COmpany 2 has some of the most exciting and visceral combat of any modern shooter ever. Hopefully these guides help you become a king of the Battlefield.


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