Guide to the Engineer Kit in Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Repair Tool, Weapons, and Anti-Tank Tactics

Guide to the Engineer Kit in Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Repair Tool, Weapons, and Anti-Tank Tactics
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If you’ve ever driven a vehicle in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, then chances are that you have found yourself on the wrong end of a well-placed RPG or anti-tank mine a time or two.

Of course, chances are equally good that you’ve been saved just in the nick of time by a repair-tool wielding friendly engineer.

When it comes to repairing or destroying vehicles, the Bad Company 2 engineer has no equal (nor any competitors, as they are they only ones who can do so), but that’s not all this versatile class can do. Check out our full guide to the Engineer Kit.

Engineer Kit Weapons

PP-2000 SMG

The engineer’s weapon of choice is the SMG. This rapid-firing weapon excels at close range, but is severely limited at longer distances. Remember this when you’re moving across a map. Stay close to cover, this way any enemies you encounter will be on your terms.

You will not win a long-range battle with a sniper, and even the assault and medic kits have longer range weapons than you do. Unlocking the red dot and 4X scopes for your SMG can increase your effective range, but in general it’s best to do all you can to ensure you face enemies in close proximity.

Up close, though, no kit can pour as much lead into a foe as the Engineer. All SMGs deliver a lot of bullets very quickly, but there are subtle differences between them.

Some, like the UMP and the SCAR-L, deliver approximately 600 rounds per minute while others, including the UZI and PP-2000, deliver nearly twice as many. The key difference here is the damage of individual bullets. The rapid firing guns tend to do less damage per bullet, but make up for it by delivering far more lead.

SCAR L Carbine SMG

Deciding which weapon to use comes down to your personal style. Do you have the discipline to fire in short bursts, delivering only enough bullets to take down your target, or do you subscribe more to the “spray and pray” school? Those who fire indiscriminately with a PP-2000 are going to find themselves spending more time reloading than killing, so that’s something to consider when choosing a gun.

As far as backup weapons, the tracer dart pistol is a fantastic choice for an engineer. You will constantly be finding yourself near vehicles, both enemy and friendly, and being able to tag them before firing off an anti-tank round can make a huge difference in your accuracy and effectiveness.

Check out page two for more Engineer hints and tips, including repair and destruction, effective use of the RPG and Anti-Tank Mines, and Rush Mode advanced tactics.

Repair and Destruction

Vehicular Combat

As an engineer in Bad Company 2, vehicles are going to be a huge focus of your existence. You are the only one who can both repair friendly vehicles and effectively deal with enemy armor. Stick close to friendly vehicles, riding inside them where it’s convenient.

If a tank starts to take damage, for example, see if you can hop out and repair from a safe location, keeping the tank between you and enemy fire. Your repair efforts can greatly extend the life of a vehicle, giving the driver ample time to locate and destroy the attackers.

Some Bad Company 2 vehicles, like the transport choppers and the Hummer, can actually be repaired while riding inside them. In the Blackhawk, for example, choose the positions at the rear of the helicopter, not on one of the

Vehicles are an Engineer’s Best Friends

guns. This will allow you to switch to your repair tool. If you angle it just right (I find pointing toward the cockpit works best), you can actually repair the vehicle while it’s in the air, making it nearly indestructible.

This is a great way to rack up a bunch of repair points while keeping your team’s efforts alive.

The repair tool can also be used to destroy enemy vehicles, if you can get close enough. If you’re out of RPG rounds or anti-tank mines, you can always rush in and do some damage with it.

RPGs and Anti-Tank Mines

Anti-Tank Warfare

Your RPG can be used to do massive damage to enemy vehicles. It has a fantastic range (just be sure to compensate for gravity) and can take out helicopters in just one or two hits.

One good strategy is to position yourself near an enemy chopper, then fire on it right as the pilot jumps in. It takes a second for them to lift off, and if you wait for the pilot to enter the chopper, you will get much more credit for the kill. You can utilize this strategy from across a map, provided you’re accurate enough with your rockets.

Anti-Tank mines can effectively neutralize an enemy’s vehicles when used to maximum effectiveness. Place them on well-traveled roads, as well as at the entrance to your base and the exit of your enemy’s. Chances

Bad Company 2 Engineer

are clever enemies will be vigilant for mines near your objective, but will never think to look for them close to their own base.

One of my favorite strategies is to place mines directly in front of newly-spawned enemy armor. The enemies will jump inside and hit the gas, only to be instantly killed by your well-placed mine.

Rush Mode Tactics

A lot of people don’t realize that M-Com Stations can be destroyed by bringing down the buildings in which they are housed and by attacking them directly, both of which are tactics to which the engineer is well-suited.

Enemies will rush to a charge placed on a station, but most won’t bat an eye as you use carefully-placed RPG shots to bring down a building or sit inside and fire rockets directly at the objective. Both are very effective ways of destroying a station.

The engineer can be one of the most enjoyable classes in Bad Company 2 when played correctly. Consider the weaknesses of the class, and concentrate on the things you do best to have the greatest success in the game.

Vehicles are your playthings, whether destroying or repairing them, nobody does either quite as well as the engineer.

For more Bad Company 2 class-specific strategies, be sure to check out the other sections of the guide.

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