Recon Kit Strategy Guide for Battlefield Bad Company 2

Recon Kit Strategy Guide for Battlefield Bad Company 2
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In the right hands, the Recon Kit can be one of the most deadly and devastating in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Capable of decimating enemy defenses from range with relative impunity, the Recon Kit soldier can call in mortar strikes on heavily-fortified enemy positions, take out foes from half a mile away with a single well-placed shot, and even throw a red dot sight on their rifle to do a little close-range wetwork if necessary.

If sniping foes is your thing, then the Recon Kit in Bad Company 2 is definitely a good choice for you. Check out some of our favorite strategies to get the most out of this versatile class.

Recon Kit Weapons

Bad Company 2 Sniping Position

Probably the most important decision in a recon soldier’s life is that of bolt action or semi-auto. The answer really depends on your accuracy. If you’re skilled (and patient) enough to deliver headshots from extreme distances, then the extra power of the bolt-action rifle is probably something you should consider. If you’d rather finish off enemies with a barrage of several shots and not deal with reacquiring targets between trigger pulls, then perhaps one of the semi-auto sniper rifles would be best for you.

Personally, I think it’s worth the extra time to learn how to shoot the bolt-action rifles. Having to zoom back out to cycle the weapon’s action can be inconvenient if you miss on the first try, definitely, but practice will ensure that your first shot is most often on-target. Still, it’s a matter of personal preference.

VSS Sniper Rifle

Each of the Recon Kit’s weapons has its uses, depending on the situation. If you’re in a pitched defense with most of the available cover gone, or if you’re respawning with the knowledge that you’ll be rushing in to take out the last few defenders, then you might consider affixing a red dot sight to one of the semi auto (or fully auto, like the VSS) rifles and taking out bad guys at close range.

The VSS can empty a full 20 round clip incredibly quickly when the trigger is held down, and each of those rounds has the punch of a sniper rifle bullet. It’s a far more powerful alternative to an engineer’s SMG.

When choosing a backup weapon, consider whether you might need to be able to defend yourself at close range. If you’re in a spot where the other team has been known to rush toward, or if you’re going to head through hostile territory to get to your favorite spot, a pistol is probably your best choice. If, however, you are going to find yourself in close proximity to the majority of your enemy’s vehicles, consider carrying a tracer pistol to mark targets and help out your engineer allies.

Sniping Tactics

Tracer Dart Pistol

One of the keys to effective sniping is positioning. The ideal place to set up shop is well-hidden and not in the direct line of sight for those you are shooting at. If you’re playing rush mode, for example, and your team is attacking from a hillside, then right smack in the middle of that hillside is not going to be a very effective position (The initial attack on Isla Innocentes is a good example of this). Instead, try to find spots off to the right or left of the main flow of attack/defense combat, places where the casual eye will not fall upon you.

No spot is safe forever (those you kill will get to see your spot while waiting to respawn), but a flanking position can keep you hidden for much longer than one right in the middle of the fight.

Concealment is another important consideration for a sniper. Try and find a spot where you are mostly concealed by brush or the terrain, limiting opportunities for enemies to spot you and providing you with cover. Hiding is a very important part of sniping, never sit out in the open.

Check out page two for advanced Recon Kit tactics, as well as some alternate tactics for M-Com destruction in Rush Mode.

Recon Kit Tactics

Bad Company 2 Chopper

As a sniper, you have two duties to your team. The first is obvious: shoot as many enemies as possible. Find positions where you can support your teammates as they capture or defend objectives. Make sure you have a good view of an M-Com station, for example, so that you can quickly dispatch any foe who attempts to set or disarm a charge.

Keep an eye on any advancing teammates, there is no feeling quite like getting a headshot on an unsuspecting enemy who thought he had the drop on one of your allies.

Watch mounted guns and anti-tank weapons as much as you can. These emplaced weapons can decimate your advancing teammates, and soldiers using them are easy pickings due to their stationary nature.

Bad Company 2 Sniping Victim

The second, and arguably equally important, duty of the sniper is to spot enemy soldiers. Calling out the location of defenders or incoming attackers can be a huge advantage to your team, and the nature of the sniper (concealed positioning, zoomed point of view) make him perfect for this duty. It can be annoying early on, having to press the button to call out any enemies you spot, but it becomes much easier once you unlock the spotting scope, which does so automatically.

Advanced warning of an enemy offensive can be the difference between a successful defense and being totally overwhelmed. Make sure you are spotting all targets you see, even the ones you intend to dispatch yourself.

Another important tool to the success of your spotting is your motion mines. Deploy them around your sniping spot to receive advance notice of incoming enemies. Another good tactic is to toss a couple near an objective you’re trying to capture or defend. When they’re active, you’ll know not only that an enemy is approaching, but from which direction. Don’t forget to use them every time you spawn.

Recon Kit Rush Mode Tactics

Bad Company 2 C4 Explosive

Many people forget that planting a charge on a Rush Mode M-Com station is not the only way to destroy the objective. Stations can be destroyed both by collapsing the buildings in which they reside and by damaging them directly. Using the Recon Kit, you have the ability to do both using your C4 and mortar strikes.

Call in mortar strikes on top of buildings that contain objectives as often as possible. You will eventually destroy the building and save your team the trouble of rushing in and defending a charge. You can also use the mortars to damage stations that are out in the open.

C4 can serve both purposes, as well. Use well-placed charges to bring down a building, or simply place them on the objective and damage it directly. Most defenders will rush in when a charge is planted, but few will respond to you damaging the station directly or discreetly planting charges inside a house.

Playing as a sniper in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 can be one of the most enjoyable experiences in the game. Hopefully, using our tactics, you can do so as effectively as possible.

If you’re interested in strategies for using any of the other three kits in Bad Company 2, be sure to check out the other sections of the guide.

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