Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Assault Kit Guide: Tactics, Hints, and Strategy

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Assault Kit Guide: Tactics, Hints, and Strategy
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The Assault Kit soldier in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is pretty much a jack of all trades, master of none. You can support your teammates using your ammo kits, but not nearly as well as a medic can with his healing and resurrecting abilities.

You can take out enemies at range by adding a rifle scope to your assault rifle, but not nearly as well as a sniper, who also has the advantage of camouflage.

You can also damage enemy vehicles with your grenade launcher, but not nearly as effectively as an engineer with anti-tank mines and an RPG.

The advantage of playing the Assault class, however, is that you can do all of these things simultaneously. You’re capable of responding to practically any threat on the battlefield, and this versatility makes the assault kit one of the most popular in Bad Company 2.

Assault Kit General Tactics

As an assault trooper, you are the workhorse of your team. You are the guy who is supposed to go out there and capture or defend objectives. Every support class exists to lend you their assistance, using the Assault Kit, you truly are the tip of the sword.

One on one, you will win most encounters, provided the enemy doesn’t see you first.

Ammo Kit Tactics

1911 .45 Pistol

You never have to worry about running out of ammunition when using the assault kit, as you can always just drop an ammo box at your feet and resupply. Don’t forget to share the wealth by dropping them near any teammates you see, especially those whose icons are blinking that they are in need of a resupply.

If you happen across a friendly sniper who has found a good spot (or if you spawn on one from your squad), drop an ammo kit at their feet. A well-positioned sniper in Bad Company 2 can do a lot of damage to the enemy, but is forced to move when they run out of ammo. Your ammo kit will ensure you are well-covered from range as long as that sniper remains undiscovered.

Drop ammo kits near objectives, especially if they have been designated by a squad member (or yourself).

Assault Kit Soldier Tips

Soldiers tend to spend a lot of time defending or attacking these positions, giving you ample opportunity to earn points for resupplying friendly troops.

In anti-tank warfare, a smart Assault Kit soldier can be an engineer’s best friend. At most, an engineer can only carry three anti-tank mines, but with the help of your ammo kit he can literally blanket the entire approach with near-instant death for any enemy vehicle that approaches.

It’s easy to maneuver around three anti-tank mines, but avoiding ten or twenty gets a bit difficult. 

Assault Kit Weapons

XM8 Assault Rifle

Bad Company 2 M16A2 Assault Rifle

The most popular assault kit weapon in Bad Company 2, at least for those still progressing through the ranks, seems to be the XM8 prototype. This rifle is extremely well-rounded, with decent damage and accuracy, and a slower rate of fire lessening the effects of recoil. Combined with a red dot scope, the XM8 will serve you well in most situations.

For close-range situations, such as defending an M-COM station, the F2000 is an excellent choice. It’s high rate of fire and low per-bullet damage makes it feel more like an engineer’s SMG, and it’s a great choice when trying to defend a single doorway or objective.

Later on, the M16A2 is an excellent choice for those looking to take out enemies at medium to long ranges. Equipped with a 4X rifle scope, this burst-fire weapon allows you to fire accurately at all ranges, and can take down most enemies in a single burst if you aim high.

Assault Kit Weapon Attachments

Assault Kit Soldier

Adding to the versatility of the Assault Kit in Bad Company 2 is the ability to use several different types of rifle attachments, the 40MM grenade, smoke grenade, and the shotgun.

40MM grenades are incredibly useful in a myriad of situations. Use them to take out stubborn enemies hiding behind cover, or a group of enemies out in the open. The grenade launcher can also be used to create new paths through a map, blowing holes in walls and taking out other obstructions with ease.

In Rush Mode, the grenade launcher can assist your efforts to destroy and enemy M-COM station in several ways. You can of course use them to clear a room of defenders, but they are also useful for attacking the station directly (they can be destroyed with direct damage) or for bringing down a building housing an objective (this results in an instant destruction).

If the objective is housed in a destructible building, use your 40MM grenades to take

Thompson Sub Machine Gun

out the remaining vertical walls. Eventually, you will bring the building crashing down upon the objective, killing any stubborn defenders still hiding within.

Smoke grenades have multiple uses, as well. The obscuring smoke can be used for cover when planting a charge on an objective, keeping snipers and other defenders from being able to pick you off from range. You can also deploy a series of them to cover the advance of your team.

One of my personal favorite smoke grenade uses is sniper frustration. I love landing one right on top of an enemy sniper, rendering him completely ineffective until the smoke dissipates.

Bad Company 2 Multiplayer

The shotgun is a great way to combine the long-range effectiveness of your assault rifle with the short-range punch of a shotgun. Use your rifle when clearing the outside and roof of a building, then switch to the shotgun attachment when clearing the inside, giving you the ability to kill most close-range defenders or attackers with a single shot.

The Assault Kit can be one of the most enjoyable in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. With unmatched versatility, as well as unlimited ammo and the ability to support teammates, there is the potential to earn huge amounts of experience to go towards those Bad Company 2 unlockables.

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