Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Guide to Engineer & Assault Kit Unlockable Weapons, Gadgets and Specializations

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Guide to Engineer & Assault Kit Unlockable Weapons, Gadgets and Specializations
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RPG elements in first-person shooters are all the rage these days, especially when it comes to the multiplayer modes. Modern Warfare 2 has a popular system of unlocks gained through experience, and its main competitor, Battlefield: Bad Company 2, has one as well.

The unlocking system should be familiar to anyone who played Battlefield 2, each class has its own unique set of weapons and specializations to earn as you gain experience. The class-specific weapons are not swappable between kits, but there is also a separate set of unlockable shotguns and rifles that are.

Check out all the unlockables in Bad Company 2, along with the point values necessary to unlock them.

Assault Kit Unlockables

You can earn assault kit experience by taking out enemy soldiers, defending and attacking control points, and assisting your squad mates. You can also earn decent xp by dropping ammo boxes near your teammates.

  • Assault Kit in Action

    The first unlockable in the Assault Kit (for those who didn’t purchase the Limited Edition, anyway) is the Ammo Box. This box can serve as a resupply point when dropped anywhere on the battlefield. the Ammo Box is unlocked at 1,180 assault experience points.

  • Next up is the XM8 Prototype rifle. Unlock it by gaining 3,020 total experience points.

  • The 40mm Smoke Launcher attachment is unlocked at 5,410 experience points. This launcher attaches to the bottom of your assault rifle in place of the regular grenade launcher. Unlock it with 5,410 experience points.

  • Upon gaining a total of 8,100 experience points with the assault kit, the F2000 Assault is unlocked.

  • Next, at 10,900 experience points, comes the 40mm Shotgun. Like the smoke launcher, this shotgun attaches to the bottom of the assault rifle barrel. It’s a great way to finish off an enemy at close range.

  • Assault Kit

    At 13,9000 experience, you unlock the Assault Rifle Red Dot Sight. These custom optics allow for more rapid target acquisition and easier aiming.

  • The 4X Rifle Scope becomes available at 17,000 experience points. This 4X magnification scope increases your gun’s effectiveness at medium range.

  • To unlock the STG.77 AUG assault rifle, reach 20,200 total experience points.

  • At 23,500 experience points, players will unlock the Marksman AR Training Specialization. This specialization increases accuracy with all Assault weapons.

  • The AN-94 Abakan assault rifle is available upon reaching 28,200 total assault experience points in Bad Company 2.

  • Next up is the M416 Assault Rifle, unlocked at 35,300 total experience points.

  • Finally, the M16A2 is available at 47,000 assault experience points.

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Engineer Kit Unlockables

Engineer kit experience points can be earned in all the normal ways, like defeating enemy soldiers and capturing battlefield objectives, but they can also be earned by repairing friendly vehicles in the field and destroying enemy armor.

  • Engineer Weapons

    The first unlockable in the Engineer Kit is one of the most useful. The Repair Tool is available at 1,070 experience points. This tool allows you to repair damaged vehicles in the field. Limited Edition buyers begin the game with it already unlocked.

  • The second unlockable in the Engineer Kit in Bad Company 2 is the Scar-L Carbine. This silenced weapon is unlocked at 2,510 total engineer experience points.

  • Third, the Anti-Tank Mine is unlocked at 4,390 total experience points. Use it to ambush enemy armor and take them out from below.

  • The XM8 Compact is available upon collecting 6,500 Engineer Kit experience points.

  • Your first RPG upgrade, the M2CG Missile Launcher, is available at 8,700 experience points. This launcher is specially designed to be used for bunker busting and against enemy infantry, but it is less effective than other options against enemy armor. Like the RPG, it is capable of locking on to a carefully-placed tracer dart.

  • Combat Engineer

    Gain 11,100 experience points to unlock the SMG Red Dot Sight for your Engineer Kit. Like the assault version, this sight allows rapid target acquisition and improved aiming with your SMG.

  • The SMG 4X Rifle Scope is unlocked at 13,500 experience points. This 4X scope allows you to better combat medium-range targets.

  • Those who pre-ordered Battlefield: Bad Company 2 from Gamestop will have the AKS-74U Krinkov unlocked from the get go. Everyone else will have to acquire 16,000 experience points to unlock it.

  • The second missile launcher option, the M136 Missile Launcher, is unlocked at 18,600 experience points. This anti-armor weapon comes equipped with a guidance tracking system, but is incapable of locking on to tracer darts.

  • **Tracer Dart Launcher

    Marksman SMG Training** is available at 21,300 engineer experience points. This upgrade improves the accuracy of all SMG weapons.

  • The Uzi SMG is unlocked at a total of 25,600 experience points.

  • Next up, the PP-2000 Avtomat is available upon earning 32,000 experience points. It is one of the fastest-firing weapons in the game, with a fire rate of 1,000 rounds per minute.

  • Finally, the UMP-45 SMG is unlocked at 42,600 experience points. This .45 caliber weapon does a surprising amount of damage for a SMG.

Assault and Engineer Weapons

It’s important to remember that regardless of which kit you’re using, you are always gaining experience that goes toward increasing your overall rank and unlocking items that are usable with all kits. So, even if you’ve unlocked everything in a specific class, there’s really no reason to stop playing it.

That’s the full list of unlockables for both the Assault and Engineer Kits in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Check out the other sections of the guide for more on the Medic and Recon Kit unlockables, as well as the vehicle upgrades and weapons/specializations that are available to all kits.

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