Complete List of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Ranks, Unlocks, and Experience Totals

Complete List of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Ranks, Unlocks, and Experience Totals
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Bad Company 2 Ranks

Progressing through the ranks in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 can be an addictive experience. Constantly striving to reach that next level, to unlock that next weapon to add to your arsenal, has led to more than a few sleepless nights for dedicated players.

We’ve already covered the class-based unlocks for each kit, so now we need to take a look at the overall ranks and the unlocks that accompany each level. Keep in mind that even when you’ve maxed out the unlocks for your chosen kit, you’re always earning points that go toward gaining rank and unlocking items on this list.

Bad Company 2 Ranks 1-10

All players start out at level zero. To reach level one and the rank of **Private I**, players must earn a total of 6,500 experience points. The rank of Private I also comes with the 870 combat shotgun.
  • At 11,000 total experience points, level two and the rank of Private II is achieved. The Saiga 20k Semi is also unlocked at level two.
  • Private II and level 3 are reached at a total of 18,500 experience points. The MP-443 Grach is also unlocked at this level.
  • Those eager to upgrade their sidearm to the M1911 .45 need only reach the rank of Specialist I, or level four within the game. It takes a total of 28,000 experience to reach level four.
  • Level five, Specialist II comes with the Light Combat Equipment upgrade and is unlocked at 40,000 total experience.
  • Level six and the rank of Specialist III are reached at 53,000 experience points. Reaching level six also unlocks the Ammo Hip Bandolier upgrade.

![Bad Company 2 Sergeant I Rank](

Corporal I** is the seventh level that players can reach in Bad Company 2. It is unlocked at 68,000 experience points and comes with the Grenade Vest upgrade.
  • To reach level eight and the rank of Corporal II, players must earn 84,000 total experience points. Level eight also unlocks the Explosives Leg Pouch upgrade.
  • Level nine is the rank of Corporal III. Players must earn 100,000 total experience to reach this level and unlock the Extended Shotgun Magazine upgrade.
  • Level 10 and the rank of Sergeant I unlocks the M1A1 Thompson machine gun. Reach 120,000 total experience points to unlock it.

Bad Company 2 Ranks 11-20

  • Bad Company 2 Sergeant II Rank

    Level 11, Sergeant II, is unlocked at 138,000 experience points. Players also unlock the Tracer Dart Gun when they reach this rank.

  • Sergent III is reached at level 12. Players who earn 158,000 total experience points unlock the promotion along with the MP-412 Rex revolver.

  • Level 13 is attained at a total of 179,000 experience points. Players earn a promotion to Staff Sergeant I and the M39R Burst sidearm.

  • To unlock the Ceramic Body Armor upgrade, level 14, and the rank of Staff Sergeant II, players must earn a total of 200,000 experience points.

  • Staff Sergeant III is unlocked at level 15, along with the Magnum Ammunition upgrade. Players must attain 224,000 total experience points to reach it.

  • Page two has more Bad Company 2 ranks and unlocks, including levels 21-50.

  • Bad Company 2 First Sergeant Rank

    Level 16 carries a promotion to Master Sergeant I and the 12 Gauge Slugs upgrade. Unlock it at 247,000 total experience.

  • Level 17, Master Sergeant II, is unlocked at 272,000 total experience. This rank also unlocks the Improved Demolitions upgrade.

  • Become a Master Sergeant III at 297,000 total experience points. Level 18 also unlocks the SPAS-12 Combat shotgun.

  • First Sergeant I is the rank earned at level 19, along with the M14 Mod 0 Enhanced rifle. 323,000 total experience points are needed to reach this rank

  • Finally, level 20 and the rank of First Sergeant II is unlocked at 350,000 experience points. The Neostead 2000 Combat shotgun is the reward for reaching this rank.

Bad Company 2 Ranks 21-30

  • Bad Company 2 First Sergeant III Rank

    Become a First Sergeant III at level 21 and unlock the USAS-12 Auto shotgun. You’ll need a scant 377,000 experience points to reach it.

  • The final rank with an unlock is Warrant Officer I, or level 22. Unlock it at 405,000 experience points and you’ll receive the G3 rifle as a reward.

  • Warrant Officer II and level 23 are unlocked at 437,000 experience points.

  • At 472,000 total experience, the rank of Warrant Officer III and level 24 are unlocked.

  • Become a Chief Warrant Officer I at 537,000 experience points and level 25.

  • Level 26 is unlocked at 620,000 points, along with the rank of Chief Warrant Officer II.

  • Chief Warrant Officer III and level 27 are reached at 720,000 experience points.

  • Level 28 and the rank of 2nd Lieutenant I are attained at 832,000 total experience.

  • Level 29 is reached at 956,000 experience points. 2nd Lieutenant II is your rank at this level.

  • Level 30 and the rank of 2nd Lieutenant II is unlocked at 1,090,000 points.

Bad Company 2 Ranks 31-40

![Bad Company 2 Lieutenant Colonel I Rank](

First Lieutenant I** and level 31 are earned at 1,240,000 total experience.
  • A total of 1,400,000 experience points are necessary to reach level 32 and the rank of 1st Lieutenant II.
  • 1,550,000 experience points will earn you the rank of 1st Lieutenant III and level 33.
  • Level 34, Captain I, is unlocked at 1,730,000 total points.
  • Captain II and level 35 are unlocked at 1,900,000 experience points.
  • Level 36 and the rank of Captain III are available at 2,100,000 points.
  • Level 37, Major I is unlocked at 2,300,000 experience.
  • Major II and level 38 are attained at a total of 2,530,000 experience points
  • Get promoted to Major III and level 39 when you earn 2,700,000 experience points.
  • Level 40 carries a big promotion, Lieutenant Colonel I. Earn it at 2,928,000 experience points.

Bad Company 2 Ranks 41-50

Bad Company 2 Lieutenant Colonel Rank II

Due to the huge number of experience points necessary to reach the higher ranks, and the relatively small number of players who have done so thus far, the experience point totals for levels 41-50 have yet to be officially confirmed. These numbers are based on the best information available, and all the ranks for each level are correct.

  • Level 41, Lieutenant Colonel II, is unlocked at 3,142,000 experience points.

  • Lieutenant Colonel III is unlocked at 3,378,000 points. Level 42 is unlocked, as well.

  • Level 43, Colonel I, is yours at 3,604,000 points.

  • Earn 3,852,000 experience to reach level 44 and the rank of Colonel II.

  • Colonel III and level 45 are unlocked at 4,090,000 experience points

  • Bad Company General of the Army Rank

    Become a Brigadier General I at level 46 after earning 4,350,000 experience points.

  • Level 47 is the rank of Brigadier General II and is unlocked at 4,600,000

  • Brigadier General is the rank associated with level 48 and is unlocked at 4,872,000 experience.

  • Level 49, General, is yours at 5,134,000 experience.

  • Finally, level 50 and the rank of General of the Army is yours at 5,400,000 experience points.

Working through all these ranks can take a huge amount of time, and only the most dedicated of players are destined to reach the higher ranks. Many will likely take this as a challenge, though, so it wouldn’t surprise me to start running into groups of players who have reached General of the Army in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 sometime soon.

For more Bad Company 2 information, be sure to check out our guides for each specific kit, including our Guide to the Engineer Kit in Bad Company 2.

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