Battlefield: Bad Company 2

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    • The Ultimate Guide to Battlefield Bad Company 2
      Love giant multiplayer objective based FPS games? Then you will love Battlefield Bad Company 2, a critically acclaimed shooter that competes even with the mighty Call of Duty series. But with so many guns, vehicles, and classes to know, you need to check out the Ultimate Bad Company 2 Guide.
    • Ultimate Guide to Battlefield: Bad Company 2
      Containing a comprehensive overview of all the great Battlefield: Bad Company 2 guides available here in the gaming channels, the ultimate guide is your single best resource for all things Bad Company 2.
    • Fight As One: Guide to Squad Tactics in Battlefield: Bad Company 2
      A well-coordinated squad can truly turn the tide of a battle in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. Our full guide to squad tactics in Bad Company 2 covers the basics of coordination including squad communication, respawn hints and tips, class selection, and the use of squad objectives.
    • Assault and Engineer Kit Unlockables in Battlefield: Bad Company 2
      There are a huge number of fantastic weapons, gadgets, and specializations that can be unlocked by gaining experience points with the Assault and Engineer Kits in Bad Company 2. Check out the full list of unlockables.
    • Battlefield Bad Company 2 Stats: How to View Them Online
      Like many modern online multiplayer games, Bad Company 2 collects a huge amount of statistics and information about its players across the globe, but accessing this information inside the game can be tedious. Bright Hub shows you how to view your Battlefield Bad Company 2 stats online.
    • Bad Company 2 Class Guide: The Recon
      The Recon is the sniper class in Bad Company 2, but it can also be much more than simply a guy with a gun. This guide will help you get the most out of the Recon class so that you can not only rack up kills but also support your team.
    • Battlefield: Bad Company for the PlayStation 3
      This latest entry in the Battlefield series of games is a good one, but not quite as fun as the previous ones. You better have a big TV when you play this one.
    • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Medic Kit Strategy and Tactics
      While it may not posses the frontline assault capabilities or vehicle destruction potential of the Assault or Engineer Kits, the Medic Kit in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 can be the most valuable member of a team when played well. Our guide will get you started.
    • Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Unlockables: Vehicle and Non Kit-Specific Weapons
      The final installment in our complete guide to unlockable weapons, gadgets, and specializations in Bad Company 2 covers all the upgrades for vehicles, as well as those that can be applied to any kit.
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