Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Tips for The Online Mode

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 - Tips for The Online Mode
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Batllefield: Bad Company 2 Tips

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 further expounded the console flavour of the Battlefield series, showcasing a tighter control system & some graphical upgrades to the franchise, making it viable on the Xbox 360 or PS3 consoles. With its inherent popularity there is a need for some Battlefield: Bad Company 2 tips for the online portion of the game. This article will try to outline some of the ways you can both improve your score as well as effectively helping the team in the Battlefield: Bad Company online mode.

Now, its worth pointing out some basic Battlefield: Bad Company 2 tips, for the newer variety of player. Below is a simple list of seven things to either do or not do.

Battlefield: Bad Company Online Mode Tips

  • Check the radar - Perhaps the easiest thing to forget is that your radar will help create a projected image of the battlefield into your head. With it constantly being updated via sniper spots et al, it’s a necessary tool to use, unless you’re playing the hardcore mode that is.
  • Level up each of the classes - In order to unlock all the weapons in the Battlefield: Bad Company online mode, you will need to play through each of the four classes, gaining enough EXP to use all of them. Having this selection of items, upgrades & weapons is really helpful in becoming a malleable online player.
  • Use the sprint ability wisely - Knowing when to sprint & when to hold back on it is often key to surviving running the proverbial gauntlet. Just spamming the sprint button will invariably get you killed as it takes away the ability to shoot or look around.
  • Join a squad - Having the ability to spawn on teammates is crucial in modes where your team needs to hold a flag or set charges at a bomb point. Having teammates close to the action, that you can spawn on, helps to form a quicker & more responsive attack.
  • Deal with vehicles - Although the emphasis on vehicles is stripped down in comparison to earlier Battlefield games, there are still plenty of vehicles to both use & destroy. Manning an anti-air gun, applying C4 or using a tracer dart/RPG combination to take down tanks or helicopters will invariably put your team in the ascendency.
  • Utilise a dynamic play style - If you’re pinned down by an enemy vehicle, change your class and use the Engineer to have a better advantage against the problem. This dynamic changing can really help boost your score and allow you to perform well under any situation.
  • Stick & move - This applies to all classes but is most important for the Recon class. When killing an enemy, unless in a precarious position, it often best to relocate yourself to a new location. This will confuse enemies as they will never truly know where you may be lurking.

Battelfield: Bad Company 2 Tips When Playing Online

These are just a small selection of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 tips for the online mode. Adhering to these tips will likely allow you to perform better while gaining both a higher score & geater kill/death ratio.

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Remember though, as with anything, experience & practice will lead to further success. As long as you continue to play the Battlefield: Bad Company online mode, you will surely improve, gaining a knowledge that can’t be attained through reading a text guide.

It is also worth noting that being a dynamic player, one who can change classes, tactics, objectives & targets when the opportunity presents itself, will become a better & more responsive player. Being able to successful assess the battlefield and become a fluidic team member will invariably help you to win skirmishes and even the bigger battle. Often using your brain power instead of becoming a porverbial battering ram will make you a better player.

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