Battlefield: Bad Company PS3 Strategy Guide - Part 1

Battlefield: Bad Company PS3 Strategy Guide - Part 1
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PS3 Battlefield: Bad Company Strategy Guide


Battlefield: Bad Company quickly became one of my favorite first person shooters on the PlayStation 3 because of its fun online multiplayer action. I’ve been playing the game for quite a while now, and this is my guide to getting the most out of the game when playing online. These are all practical hints and tips that aren’t cheats or hacks of any kind.

Tank Passenger

One of the best ways to rack up a bunch of extra points is to be a passenger in a tank. You will get ‘kill assist’ points just for riding in the tank when the driver gets a kill. If the driver is a member of your squad, you’ll also get ‘squad assist’ points. If you get in with a good tank driver, you can earn a bunch of extra points very quickly.

During spawn time, what you need to watch for is if you see a tank moving around under the squad option. This will let you spawn inside the tank with them. I can’t tell you how many extra points I’ve earned just for being inside a tank while the driver does all the work. Also remember that even if you are the driver, the point assists work both ways because your passengers can also get kills from inside the tank.

Use Cover

About the worst thing you can do as a foot soldier in this game is get caught out in the open. Snipers and their long range rifles can pick you off without you ever knowing where they were hiding. Tanks can also nail you with their heavy shells, and artillery gunners can drop bombs on you from the air. Sometimes when on foot you can’t help but go out in a clearing for a little while, but in that case you’d best be running.

This game is filled with forested areas and buildings you can go into for hiding, but also remember that everything is destructible. In other words, don’t get too comfortable with one hiding place. If an enemy catches you there, chances are they will go back looking in that same spot to make sure you don’t get the jump on them again. The other thing to remember is that walls and trees can take a lot of bullets before going down, so they make great shields to buy you a few precious seconds to get out of there.

Catch Spawners

This one might be considered playing dirty, but it’s not cheating or against any kind of rules. In the game, you can spawn from somewhere inside your base or alongside one of your squad members. This means that you might see an enemy soldier by himself, then suddenly he’s got two or three guys with him for backup. If you catch a soldier all alone, especially if he’s inside your base, be prepared to have his buddies appear very close by. You can get the jump on them before they know what’s happening. It works really well if you are approaching an enemy from behind.

PS3 Battlefield: Bad Company Strategy Guide


Throughout the entire Battlefield series of games, on both console and PC, I have always been partial to the Demolition soldier class because they carry a bazooka and can take out enemy vehicles. I know some people don’t like to play Demolition because they are harder against other foot soldiers because of their slow weapons, but you can still do pretty well with some practice.

The reason why I suggest you take the time to learn how to play Demolition is that you can earn points more quickly in maps where a lot of vehicles are being used. When you destroy a vehicle, you get points for killing the enemy soldiers within, plus points for blowing up their vehicle. It’s a double whammy. You can also spread mines all over the roads and wait for an enemy to drive over them, thus earning even more points while not actively working in the area where you placed the mines. The main thing you have to be careful of with Demolition is to not hurt your teammates with all of the explosives you’re slinging around the battlefield.

Flanking Maneuvers

When approaching an enemy base, it is best not to go headfirst right into the front gates. Instead, you should make a wide berth around the perimeter of the base and try to hit it from the back or sides. People have a tendency to focus on the direction of the enemy base when they are defending their own base, and you can take advantage of this by slipping around the back. It’s not always that easy to do and will take some time if you go on foot, but a good sniper in the right covered position can pick off a bunch of enemy soldiers before they ever figure out where you are hiding. I wouldn’t recommend trying to flank using a tank or other vehicle because they are too highly visible and the enemy soldiers will just gang up to defeat you.

BFBC Helicopter

Helicopter Pilot

One of the hardest parts of any of the Battlefield games was mastering the art of flying. Once you get it down, you can really waste some enemy soldiers and vehicles. In this game, you can fly helicopters around and they carry an enormous amount of firepower. I suggest you take the time to learn how to fly them properly, because a good pilot is an asset to any team. Just know that helicopters create a highly visible and desirable target, so you don’t want to hover in one place and fire on enemies, otherwise you’ll be shot down quite easily. The trick is learning how to fire while moving around, and it’s not an easy task, but very rewarding.

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