Battlefield Bad Company 2 Medic Kit Unlockable Weapons, Gadgets, and Specializations

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Medic Kit Unlockable Weapons, Gadgets, and Specializations
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Leveling up and unlocking new weapons and equipment are all the rage in online shooters these days. From Modern Warfare 2 to the newest iteration in the vaunted Battlefield series, Bad Company 2, this addictive element has even the most fervent of gamers putting in extra time to get the next, most awesome item on the list.

Each kit in Bad Company 2 (Medic, Assault, Engineer, and Recon) has its own set of items that are unlocked by gaining experience with that kit. There is also a separate set of specializations that can be unlocked for vehicles and a another pool of weapons that can be used with any kit and are unlocked by increasing your overall rank. Our full guide covers all the game’s unlockables. This section focuses on the Medic and Recon Kits.

The Medic kit is one of my personal favorites in Bad Company 2. I love the versatility of the light machine guns and the ability to heal and revive teammates. Medic Kit experience points can be earned in all the basic ways (killing enemies, capturing objectives), but are also earned for healing and resuscitating those in your squad and on your team.

  • Bad Company 2 Medic

    The first Medic Kit unlockable is the Medic Kit Gadget. This deployable healing station can be dropped anywhere on the battlefield to provide accelerated health regeneration to any nearby allies. One popular strategy is to drop them near objectives to assist in concerted attacks or defense. Those who purchased the Limited Edition of the game will have this item unlocked from the start. Others will have to earn 1,410 experience to get it.

  • Next up is the ever-popular M249 SAW LMG. This accurate machine gun is available at 3,340 experience points.

  • The Defibrillator Gadget is unlocked at 5,800 Medic Kit experience. Use it to quickly revive fallen allies in battle. It can also be used to kill enemies at close range.

  • The Type 88 LMG is unlocked at 8,600 experience points.

  • Bad Company 2 Medic

    For those looking for a boost to their healing ability, Medic Kit: Improved Heal is unlocked at 11,600 experience points. This specialization increases the healing effect of your deployed medkits.

  • The LMG Red Dot Sight is unlocked at 14,700 Medic Kit experience points. This upgrade increases aim speed and target acquisition for your light machine guns.

  • If you’re looking for a little more range, the LMG 4X Rifle Scope is available at 17,900 experience points. This optical scope increases your effectiveness at medium range.

  • The second Medkit upgrade comes at 21,300 experience points. The Medic Kit: Improved Range specialization increases the healing radius of your deployed kits.

  • At 24,700 experience, the M60 LMG is unlocked. This very accurate LMG also does very decent damage.

  • Bad Company 2 MG36

    The Marksman LMG Training specialization is available at 28,300 experience points. This upgrade increases accuracy with all LMGs.

  • Unlock the XM8 LMG at 33,900 experience points.

  • Next, the MG36, a popular favorite in the original Bad Company, is available at 42,400 experience points.

  • The final Medic Kit unlock, the MG3, is available at 56,500 experience points. This ultimate LMG has an amazing rate of fire of 1,000 rounds per minute.

The Recon Kit is a very popular choice in Battlefield: Bad Company 2. A skilled sniper is capable of devastating enemy forces, all from the comfort of a concealed position halfway across the map.

Recon Kit soldiers can earn experience by killing enemies and capturing objectives like anyone else, but they also excel at gaining xp for spotting enemies, both through their sniper scopes and with the help of motion sensor mines, and by calling in mortar strikes on unsuspecting foes. This powerful strike can be used to destroy building, objectives, and enemy armor alike.

Bad Company 2 Recon Kit Unlockables

  • Bad Company 2 Sniping Victim

    The first (and one of the most useful) unlocks in the Recon Kit is the Motion Sensor Gadget. This deployable sensor causes any nearby enemies to show up on the HUDs and mini maps of both you and your allies. You get experience points for any enemies that are killed after being spotted by your mines. It’s unlocked at 860 experience points, or from the get go for those who purchased the game’s Limited Edition.

  • Your first weapon unlock is the Type 88 Sniper Rifle at 2,190 experience points. This rifle, unlike the M4, is a semi-automatic.

  • Next is the Mortar Strike Gadget at 3,930 Recon Kit experience points. These special binoculars allow you to designate targets for mortar barrages from afar.

  • The second Recon Kit weapon unlock is the SV98 Snaiperskaya at 5,900 experience points.

  • Good Sniping Position

    Next up is the 4X Sniper Scope at 7,900 experience points. This scope can be mounted to any sniper rifle to increase effectiveness at medium ranges.

  • The second optic upgrade is the 12X High-Power Scope at 10,100 experience points. This scope allows you to take out enemies at extreme long ranges, just don’t forget to aim high, as gravity will cause your bullets to drop.

  • The final Recon Kit optic upgrade is the Sniper Red Dot Sight. Combined with a semi-automatic rifle, this sight can make even Recon soldiers quite effective at close ranges.

  • The SVU Snaiperskaya Short is unlocked at 14,700 experience. This silenced version of the SV98 is best-suited for covert operations.

  • VSS Sniper Rifle

    At 17,100 experience points, the Sniper Spotting Scope Gadget is unlocked. This upgraded scope automatically spots enemies that fall into your field of view, allowing you to concentrate on eliminating them.

  • The GOL Sniper Magnum is one of Bad Company 2’s most accurate Sniper Rifles. Unlock it at 20,500 experience points.

  • To unlock the VSS Snaiperskaya Special, earn 25,700 Recon Kit experience points.

  • Finally, the devestatingly-powerful M95 Sniper Rifle is unlocket at 34,200 experience points.

Don’t forget that no matter what kit you’re using, you are always gaining general experience points that go toward improving your overall rank and unlocking weapons and specializations that can be used with all kits. So, don’t avoid your favorite class simply because you have unlocked everything there is to earn, you are still helping yourself in the long run.

For more information on Battlefield: Bad Company unlockable weapons, gadgets, and specializations, be sure to check out the other sections of the Bad Company 2 Unlockables Guide.

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