Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Achievements For the Xbox 360

Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Achievements For the Xbox 360
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Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is the latest Battlefield game to take both the PC and Console industries by storm. The first true competitor to Modern Warfare 2, Bad Company 2 offers a frantic, yet tactical, take on both single and multi-player combat.

Check out all the achievements for the Xbox 360 version of the game.

Campaign Mission Achievements

There are 14 achievements that are earned simply by completing levels in the single-player campaign. Each is named for a memorable bit of dialogue at the end of the previous mission.

Earn the “I knew we’d make it.” achievement by finishing the “Operation Aurora” mission. “Retirement just got postponed.” is the reward for finishing the “Cold War” mission. Complete the “Heart of Darkness mission to earn the “It’s bad for my karma man!” achievement.

Completing the “Upriver” mission will earn you the “They got all your intel?” achievement. Earn “Salvage a vehicle.” when you finish the “Crack the Sky” mission, “Alright, here it is.” for finishing “Snowblind,” and “Nobody ever drowned in sweat” for finishing “Heavy Metal.”

BC 2 Campaign

Finish the “High Value Target” mission to earn the “Ghost rider’s here!” achievement. After completing “Sangre del Toro,” you will earn the “Sierra Foxtrot 1079” achievement. Get “Thanks for the smokes, brother!” for finishing “No One Gets Left Behind,” “Save me some cheerleaders” for completing “Zero Dark Thirty” and “Turn on a light.” for surviving “Force Multiplier.”

There are two achievements for finishing the final mission of the campaign. You can earn “P.S. Invasion cancelled, sir.” by completing “Airborne” on any difficulty, and “It sucks to be right.” by completing it on Hard difficulty. You don’t have to play all the way through the campaign on Hard to earn the final achievement, just the last mission.

Campaign Collection, Destruction, and Kill Achievements

Bad Company 2 Tank

There are 16 additional achievements that can be earned by playing through the campaign and amassing collectible weapons, destroying uplinks, killing enemies with various weapons, and destroying objects.

The two collectible weapon achievements are “New Shiny Gun” for finding 5 collectible weapons and “Guns Guns Guns” for finding 15.

The three Satellite Uplink destruction achievements are “Link to the Past” for destroying your first, “Communication Issues” for taking out 15, and “Complete Blackout” for destroying them all.

If full-scale destruction is more your thing, you can earn the “Destruction” achievement for destroying 100

BC 2 Campaign

objects and the “Destruction Part 2” achievement for taking out 1000 separate objects. If you’re more fond of urban demolition, you can earn the “Demolish” achievement for demolishing 1 house and the “Demolish Part 2” award for taking out 50.

For those who prefer to do vent their frustrations in a far more personal fashion there are the weapon achievements: “Assault Rifle Aggression” for 50 kills with assault rifles, “Sub Machine Gun Storm” for 50 kills with sub machine guns, “Light Machine Gun Lash Out” for 50 kills with light machine guns, “Sniper Rifle Strike” for 50 kills with sniper rifles, “Wall of Shotgun” for 50 kills with shotguns, and “Ten Blades:” for 10 up close and personal kills with the combat knife.

Sort of an oddball, but you can earn the “Taxi!” achievement by driving 5 km in any Bad Company 2 land vehicle.

Page 2 has all the Bad Company 2 multiplayer achievements.

Multiplayer Achievements

Bad Company 2 Weapons

There are two rank-specific multiplayer achievements: “Multiplayer Knowledge” for reaching rank 10 (Sergeant I) and " Multiplayer Elite” for reaching Rank 22 (Warrant Officer I). There are 4 kit-specific achievements. Get “Assault Expert” when you unlock 3 weapons in the Assault kit, “Engineer Expert” when you unlock 3 weapons in the Engineer kit, “Medic Expert” when you unlock 3 weapons in the Medic kit, and “Recon Expert when you unlock 3 weapons in the Recon kit.

Finally, earn “Battlefield Expert” when you obtain all unlocks in any kit or all Vehicle unlocks. The “15 Minutes of Fame” achievement is your reward after you play Bad Company 2 online for a total of 15 minutes.

Multiplayer Skill Achievements

Bad Company 2 Medic

There are 7 achievements to be earned by showing off your skills (or luck) in multiplayer. Get the “Mission… Accomplished” achievement when you get one kill with the knife, the M60 and the RPG-7 in a single round. Earn the “Pistol Man” achievement for getting 5 kills with every handgun in the game. To earn the “Airkill” achievement, roadkill an enemy with any helicopter.

For the backstabbers among us, the “Et Tu, Brute?” achievement is the reward for knifing 5 friends online. To get the “Demolition Man” achievement, get 20 demolish kills. “Careful Guidance” is the reward for anyone who can destroy an enemy helicopter with a stationary RPG and “The Dentist” can be yours for pulling off the amazing achievement of getting a headshot kill with the repair tool.

BC 2 Tank

For those who like to win, there are 5 unique achievements related to online excellence. Get the “Won Them All” achievement for winning a round in all online game modes, “Squad Player” when you obtain the Gold Squad Pin (best squad in a round) 5 times, and the “Combat Service Support” award for doing 10 resupplies, repairs, heals, revives and motion mine spot assists. For those who love award collecting, the “Award Aware” achievement is yours when you gain 10 unique awards and “Award Addicted” comes along at 50 unique awards.

There are enough achievements in both the online and campaign modes of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 to keep even the most skilled of collectors busy for some time. Luckily, the game is extremely fun, so time spent collecting BC 2 achievements should at least be enjoyable.

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