Guide to the Medic Kit in Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Best Weapons, Tactics, and Strategy

Guide to the Medic Kit in Battlefield: Bad Company 2: Best Weapons, Tactics, and Strategy
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The Medic Kit may be the one in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 that is hardest to master. A well-played medic can literally turn the tide of battle, but the unique weapon and gadget setup of the class can be very frustrating for a new player.

Effective use of the available weapons, along with the medkit and defibrillator paddles, can lead to a deluge of experience points. Read on to find out how to get there.

The Role of the Medic

It’s best to think of yourself as a soldier who just happens to be able to heal, rather than a standalone class with a specific separate role. The medic is ill-equipped to take out foes from extreme distances, and as such is often required to perform more of a front line assault role, typically alongside those using the Soldier Kit.

You’re not going to be able to pick off snipers, and the medic loadout is pretty much completely useless when it comes to vehicles, so up close and personal is going to be your bread and butter. Whether mowing down enemy troops with your LMG or reviving friendlies with your defibrillator, you’re going to spend a lot of time alongside foot soldiers.

Support is where the medic really shines, whether laying down suppressive fire with an LMG or keeping fellow soldiers in perfect health with medkits. A medic kit soldier is certainly capable of capturing or defending objectives on their own, but when partnered with a couple of friendliness, the medic can improve the whole squad’s effectiveness exponentially.

Medic Kit Weapons

Medic Kit M60 LMG

Medic Kit MG36 LMG

Magazine size is a major consideration when choosing between Medic Kit Weapons in Bad Company 2. Many of the light machine guns you have to choose from have a reload time in excess of 8 seconds, so many prefer a weapon with a large magazine that prevents them from reloading often. The Type 88 and M249 SAW have a 200 round magazine capacity, compared to 100 for most of the other LMGs.

At present, the most popular medic weapon seems to be the M60. It does fantastic damage and is incredibly accurate. When fired in short bursts, it can even be effective at very long ranges, especially when paired with the 4X Rifle Scope. There are those who say it’s overpowered, but until they balance the game a bit more, there’s really no reason not to take advantage of it.

Short bursts of fire are recommended at medium to long range, but in close quarters nobody can decimate multiple enemy soldiers like a medic firing in full auto. Don’t be afraid to hold down the trigger when you’re guarding a doorway or manage to sneak up on a group of bad guys.

Check out page two for more on the Medic Kit in Battlefield: Bad Company 2, including some of our favorite ways to maximize experience gain using the medkit and defibrillator paddles.

Medkit Tactics

One of the best ways to earn experience points when playing the Medic Kit is strategic medkit placement. Try and put it anywhere your teammates are likely to need healing. A single good drop can bring in hundreds of experience points.

A very effective way to maximize points is to set a squad objective, then place your medkit right on top of it. This way, any squad members who are nearby will earn you double experience points, as well as a bonus for fulfilling the attack or defend order. You’ll also receive this bonus for any other teammate who happens to be nearby. Unless you’ve got a specific place in mind for your kit, dropping one near an objective is never a bad idea.

Medic with a PKM LMG

If a member of your squad has found a good sniping position, and you happen to spawn on him or just run by, try dropping a medkit near him. Instant accelerated healing will give your squadmate an advantage against counter-snipers, and you will rack up bonus points for healing a squad member.

Teammates in need of healing will show up as a flashing icon on your mini map and HUD. If they’re nearby, don’t hesitate to rush up and do some healing. Just make sure that you’re not running into the line of fire.

Defibrillator Tactics

MG36 Wielding Medic Kit Soldier

One of the coolest additions to Battlefield: Bad Company 2 is the Medic Kit’s defibrillator paddles. Once unlocked, you can use them to resurrect any recently-dead teammate at full health. Thanks to the defibrillators, a single medic can literally spell the difference between the success or failure of an assault or defense.

A good medic can frustrate an attacking force by constantly resurrecting defenders. Rather than waiting for teammates to respawn and run back, you can ensure that everyone stays up and fighting right on top of the objective.

Just don’t get so eager to resurrect someone that you lose your situational awareness. Rushing in to save a teammate is pretty much futile if you don’t make sure and take care of the guy who killed him first. You’ll just become another dead solider on top of the first one. You absolutely should make haste to bring back nearby fallen soldiers, just take a second or two to make sure the area is clear before you switch to your defibrillator.

Medic and Assault Kits

The paddles can also be used to kill enemy soldiers, but they’re really more of a last resort if you have them out and an enemy surprises you. Up close, you’re far better off using your combat knife, as the paddles don’t always kill in a single strike, and you usually don’t have time for a second.

The Medic Kit soldier is one of the most important on the Battlefield. Often, the skillful play of a veteran medic can turn a failing offensive into a successful one or a crumbling defense into an unassailable bulwark. For those who take the time to master the use of the medkit, LMG, and defibrillator paddles, the potential exists to earn unbelievable amounts of experience points in Bad Company 2.

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