Bad Company 2 Medic Kit Guide

Bad Company 2 Medic Kit Guide
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Healing and Killing

Games like Bad Company 2 are violent, but they do have place for people who are just as happy helping out their teammates as shooting people in the head. That place is the Medic class, and they excel at helping out teammates by healing them and reviving them. But with that said, the Medic isn’t just about healing. They also have some formidable weapons which allow them to dish out serious damage. This guide will help you get the most from your time as a Medic.

The Medic’s Role

The main role of the Medic is fairly obvious - heal your teammates. There are two ways which the medic goes about doing this.

The first is by deploying medkits. Bad Company 2 does use the regenerative health mechanic, so wounded players will eventually heal on their own. This can take some time, however, and the medkit helps players which are wounded by healing them instantly. The medkit is deployed on the ground and can be left for teammates to use while the medic moves on, so there really isn’t any reason not to deploy a few medkits each time you spawn.

The other tool the Medic has is the defibrillator. The defib can be used to essentially resurrect dead players who have yet to re-spawn. This obviously useful, but it is more powerful than you probably imagine. A single Medic left alive in a room can defib two or three allies in ten seconds. Suddenly the room full of people the enemy killed is full with healthy soldiers again. It is an incredible power which can change the course of the game.

The Medic’s Weaknesses

The big weakness of the Medic is the complete lack of anti-armor weapons. The Medic really has no options when going up against enemy tanks or even light vehicles besides running away. This is actually not a huge problem in some situations because the use of armor isn’t a major factor on all maps all the time, but when an enemy tank is in the area and tearing your team to shreds it can be frustrating to be unable to do anything but try to revive dead teammates.

Another weakness of the Medic is one that many players might not think of at first - the red hat. All Medics wear a red hat. Enemy teammates will instantly know that you are a medic if they are at all close to you or have a scope and the red hat is like a big target on your head. It makes it much harder to hide behind bushes or other cover because the red hat sticks out. This is particularly bad on winter maps where the red hat is like a beacon when it is contrasted to the background of white snow.

Medic Weapons

Bad Company 2 Medic Weapons

Despite being a healer, the Medic’s main weapon, the light machinegun, is awesome. Some argue that it is the best overall weapon in Bad Company 2, and although I don’t quite agree I do think it is about on par with the Assault Rifles the Assault class has access to. The light machineguns in the game have huge ammo capacities and can lay down incredibly deadly swathes of covering fire against enemy positions. However, light machineguns are also quite accurate when used in short bursts. The idea of sniping with a light machinegun may seem silly, but it is actually possible to take out opponents several hundred feet away without problem.

You’ll want to be using that machinegun, too, because the Medic really doesn’t have any other weapons of note. As mentioned, the Medic does not have any anti-armor options. No C4, no mortar strikes, no RPGs of any kind. The Medic has access to the all kit weapons, of course, but there is really no reason for any Medic to ever use them. The light machinegun is great and is much more capable at any range than any of the all kit weapons.

Medic Tips

  • Learn to control your machinegun. When fired in bursts the machinegun can hit targets across the map with an incredible amount of accuracy. Just tap the trigger lightly to fire off these short, accurate bursts. However, the macheingun can also be turned into an inaccurate hail of death if the trigger is laid down. This is best at short to mid range.

  • The defibrillator is a great tool for helping teammates, but it isn’t necessary to use it on every single teammate who dies. If your teammate died because he ran out in the open and was mowed down instantly by three enemies, don’t go wading out to try and save him. You’ll just get yourself killed, and even if you somehow manage to survive it is very likely the enemy will simply kill your teammate a second time. As an Assault I’ve been in situations where a Medic has revived me three times in a row and I died instantly because an enemy sniper was just sitting in cover and picking me off. This did nothing except ruin my kill-death ratio.

  • Use medikits! There is no reason not to. Many medkits forget to use medkits because they are too busy trying to find enemies to shoot. Medkits will outlive you, and there is no known cap on how many you can deploy. So deploy them at positions where your teammates are likely to stand and rack in the points as they heal themselves.

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