Battlefield Bad Company 2 Assault Kit Guide

Battlefield Bad Company 2 Assault Kit Guide
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Never Say Die

Do you like to meet new and exciting people and shoot them in the face? If so, the Assault might just be the class for your. The Assault has a wide selection of weapons which can be used to kill opposing enemies and is excellent at mid to long range combat - which so happens to be the range at which most combat in Bad Company 2 takes place.

The Role of the Assault Class

The purpose of the Assault class is simple - to assault things. No matter if you’re playing Conquest or Rush the fact remains that in order to win you need to push to an objective and stay there long enough to either take it or plant a charge. The Assault is very well equipped for taking out enemies and assaulting enemy objectives.

Assault rifles are the Assault’s bread and butter weapon. They are not the best weapon in the game in all situations, but are very deadly and medium to long range. Most combat takes place at this distance when you’re advancing on enemy positions, so it is an excellent tool for the job.

While the Assault class is built for making pushes against the enemy in mid-range combat, players should remember they do have support tools as well. The most important is the ammo pack. The Engineer and Recon classes spawn with very little ammo for their primary weapons, and you can help keep them in the game. Don’t neglect this role. If some allies are using a certain position as a sort of firebase, drop off an ammo pack for them.

The Weaknesses of the Assault Class

Bad Company 2 Assault Guide

While the Assault is excellent at pushing against enemy forces, there are some instances where the Assault will have problems.

Enemy armor pose a significant challenge to the Assault class. While the grenade launcher attachment does do damage to a tank, the amount of damage done is very low, making it unlikely that you’ll be able to destroy a tank without support from an Engineer. This can be a real problem for the Assault class because the point of the Assault is to push forward. If the enemy is using vehicles and you have no engineers you will at best be able to fight the enemy to a draw.

Another problem with the Assault class is short-range combat. The Assault Rifle is fine at close ranges, but it isn’t better than anything else. In some cases I prefer to even use a pistol because the Assault Rifle’s large muzzle flash tells everyone your position and can even obscure your own vision, making it hard to track fast-moving enemies only a few paces away. The grenade launcher also becomes hard to use at these ranges without killing yourself.

Assault Class Tips

  • Learn to aim. Yea, yea, I know. This seems obvious. But as an Assault it is of absolute importance. Medics can spray-and-pray and Engineers can try to cheese it up with the RPGs, but you really need to learn how to aim unless you intend to run around with the grenade launcher all day long (which will get you some kills, but will get you killed a lot as well). I recommend you increase the sensitivity of your controller to help with this.

  • Don’t be afraid to use weapons besides the assault rifle. Pistols and shotguns are good weapons to use if you plan to be on defense. They are generally easier to use well in close quarters combat than a rifle.

  • Be aggressive. The biggest mistake which new players make when playing the Assault class is being timid. The Assault class does not reward that behavior. If you try to hide in buildings you will probably get owned by Engineers and Medics. If you try to snipe enemies from far away you’ll get owned by Recons with real sniper rifles. This isn’t to say you should just hang out in the middle of the map - you need to stay mobile and pay some mind to cover. But ultimately you have to advance on enemy infantry and kill them to gain any points.

  • Use your grenades and your grenade launcher. As a new player your grenade launcher is great because you can gain kills while you’re still working on your accuracy. There is a reason the grenade launcher is sometimes called the “noob tube.”

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