Bad Company 2 Engineer Kit Guide

Bad Company 2 Engineer Kit Guide
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Earn Your Engineering Degree

The engineer class seems like a support class at first glance, but they are in fact very capable in combat. They are also by far the best class in the game when it comes to tackling enemy armor. Playing an engineer requires that you be at the right place at the right time so you can defeat enemy threats and support your own armored vehicles. This guide will help you with getting a grip on the basics of the engineer.

The Engineer’s Role

The engineer can do one thing which no other class in the game can do: repair vehicles. This is a very important class trait because vehicles are extremely important to victory, particularly on Rush maps. A single tank can often times take out any enemy M-Com station by destroying the building it is in, but only if the pilot of the tank knows what he is doing and only if an engineer can keep the tank repaired in the face of enemy fire.

Besides repairing friendly armor, the engineer is also uniquely outfitted to combat enemy armor. Engineers are the only class which can use RPGs, which are extremely good at taking out mobile armored units at range. Engineers also have access to items like anti-tank mines, which can be used to guard positions against enemy tanks. No matter which you choose, the engineer is undoubtedly the best class in the game when it comes to defeating enemy armor.

The Engineer’s Weaknesses

While the engineer is in good company when surrounded by armor, he tends to be lost without it. The Engineer’s class weapon is the sub-machinegun, and it is a very capable killing machine in close to mid range combat. Engineer SMGs also lack the gigantic muzzle flash found with some other weapons, which means that the engineer doesn’t have to give away his position when he fires on opponents. This is an advantage on some of the darker maps in the game.

Having said that, the sub-machinegun doesn’t seem to have the same mid to long range punch as the assault rifle or even the medic’s LMG. The engineer is also hampered by an average clip size of 30 bullets and a small ammo reserve. Engineers tend to run out of ammo before anyone else, which is a real issue in protracted fire-fights.

Engineer Weapons

Bad Company 2 Engineer Guide: RPG’s are great against tanks

The class gun of the engineer is the sub-machinegun, which has already been covered in detail above. It is a good weapon at short to medium ranges but is difficult to use in long ranged combat. Besides the sub-machinegun, the Engineer has access to the standard all kit weapons. Of these the most appropriate choice is usually a shotgun. If you are sticking near armor you are going to encounter a lot of recon and enemy engineers who are trying to flank around any hit your armor from the rear. A shotgun will kill an enemy in one hit and helps greatly in these encounters.

In terms of anti-armor weapons, the engineer’s main choice is between a selection of RPGs and a deployable attack like C4 or anti-tank mines. In my opinion RPGs tend to work better when you are on the attack and deployables work better when you are on the defense. The reasons for this are fairly obvious. Anti-tank mines and C4 require an enemy to approach them, which isn’t going to happen if you’re on the attack. When you are the defensive, however, it is more difficult to swing behind the enemy and attack from behind with your RPG, which makes the deployables are better choice.

Engineer Tips

  • You do your best work around be hunks of steel which are invulnerable to most weapons in the game. Use that to your advantage. If you are trying to repair or guard a tank, don’t just sit there waiting for a sniper to shoot you.
  • It is usually wise to take some specializations in vehicles, such as sensors or armor, for when you will be using the vehicles yourself. -When choosing between sub-machineguns and shotguns, choose carefully and consider the map you are playing on.
  • If you are using an SMG, use the lack of muzzle flash to your advantage. Engineers can easily hide in the corner of a dark room while playing defense and pick off hostiles as they march through the doors without the enemy knowing what is going on.
  • If you are using anti-tank mines, remember to deploy some every time you spawn! There doesn’t seem to be a little on how many you can deploy. If you die, the mines you already put down are still working.
  • If you are using the RPG, be mindful of the reload time. If you’re not in cover, get into some before you fire. Otherwise you’ll be dead quickly.

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