Bright Hub’s Complete Reference for RPG Maker

Bright Hub’s Complete Reference for RPG Maker
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A Word About the Program

RPG Maker has allowed for homemade Role-playing games since the days of the Super Famicom and perhaps sometime before that. Suited to anyone whose passion lies in creating rather than playing, the program provides the necessary tools for all aspects of RPG creation, from custom character-creation to adding your own music.

The latest version of the program is RPG Maker VX, compatible with more recent versions of Windows. This is exactly what Bright Hub’s complete reference for RPG Maker will focus on: keep reading to find out how to create your first RPG.

First Steps

Before diving into the complex aspects of game design, and all the mechanics which it entails, it is good to get an idea of what is possible to do with the program. Though a large number of RPG-maker homemade games fall into the Hentai category – consult the Unofficial LineMarvel Forums for details – there are some quality titles made by competent amateurs. Some are strictly RPG’s while others are hybrids, borrowing elements from past shoot’em ups or other genres.

If after that you feel ready to undertake your own project, it is wise to start from the “First Steps” article and your first character-generation. The introductory article is particularly useful for grasping the basics of the program, albeit superficially.

Beginners’ Guide

RPG Maker Interface

The following guides should go into more detail as far as descriptions, maps, music and dialogue are concerned. They are an ideal follow-up to the previous “First Steps” article, where you would have learned how to navigate through the application above all.

By reading onwards, you’ll learn how to import your own creatures and foes, for a unique touch to your game, how to spice the world with random encounters, how to add descriptions for items/locations and how to tailor sounds to your liking. All these should make the amateur RPG designer comfortable with most aspects of the program.

Tilesets, Maps and Scripts

Maps are crucial in any game, and more so in an RPG where the exploration of the world is what makes or breaks the game. The following tutorials delve into more complex and specific aspects, such as carving out your own maps complete with forests and perilous terrain or adding new tilesets for objects and clutter.

Articles on how to use scripts in the game are also included, which require a little bit more attention due to complexity. Scripts will allow almost any aspect of the game to be changed, including the core mechanics, which means you can add mini-games, side-view battles and the all-important quest journal. However, all of it requires knowledge of scripting commands and functions, though an easier way is to download pre-made scripts by other users.

Custom Icons and Music

Weapons, Tiles and Icons for RPG Maker VX

Any game needs music and sound effects, and the epic worlds often depicted in an RPG are no different. Epic sweeps and melodramatic sound tracks are an integral part of any mythical world, and often act as catalysts for depth of immersion on the part of players. Though the article provided mainly lists download locations for music/FX’s, nothing stops you from creating your own music, in the format used by the game, and adding it by following the tutorial.

The first two articles include information on weapon and icon customization, or more specifically where to download pre-made swords, character icons and more. The “Custom Icons” links an article which details how to design your own icons from a tileset, for novice game-makers who wish to have complete control over the design of their game.


By reading the articles above you should be armed with everything you need when attempting your first RPG. Do check out this page which offers a number of guides related to RPG Maker VX, should you not be satisfied with what has been provided so far. The guides listed provide further in-depth information on the aspects listed above, like customising your tilesets, custom battlers and specific information on scripted commands. Most of the guides have been put together by Makoto, who has a number of other articles on the application. You can find her profile by following this link.

Hope you enjoyed Bright Hub’s complete reference for RPG Maker: feel free to leave any comments, about possible additions or other, in the section below.