RPG Maker VX: Tilesets

RPG Maker VX: Tilesets
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RPG Maker VX and Enterbrain

RPG Maker VX is a software developed by Enterbrain, a Japanese company where the base of operation is located in Tokyo.

Enterbrain is also known for their publication of a variety of game-related magazines and books such as “Weekly Famitsu”, “Famitsu DS+Wii”, “Arcadia” (a magazine specialized in arcade games), “Comic Bean” (innovative manga) and much more.

This series of article aims to cover everything related to the latest addition in the RPG Maker series: RPG Maker VX.

RPG Maker VX: Tilesets

The default resources available with RPG Maker VX are colourful and stylish but unfortunately get very redundant to look at as a great majority of games end up using them.

In this article, some variations and modifications of the default RTP are provided in order to provide some variety and more choice to RPG Maker VX games.

All of the art available in this article has been created by heisenman, a member of the RMN.net community.

The authors has generously allowed for her resources to be shared as stipulated in this quote (found in the original thread here):

Free to use, edit and redistribute. No credits required, don’t claim as your own.

Downloading the Resources (RPG Maker VX: Tilesets)

A lot of different resources are available in this article which means it can be a bit time consuming to download every single one separately. This is why all of the resources created by heisanman have been archived in a file which can be downloaded right here at BrightHub. Click here to download the all of the art showcased in this article: RPG Maker VX Tilesets.

Tile B Interior by heisenman (RPG Maker VX: Tilesets)

The first sprite sheet provides all sorts of great varieties of the default shelves available with RPG Maker VX. Thanks to this art, it is now a lot easier to make rooms which look more unique with a great variety furniture.

Tile C Interiors by heisenman (RPG Maker VX Tilesets)

The second sprite sheet has a lot of color variations of couches, tables and chairs. There are also a great deal of shelves and vast assortment of desks with various things on top.


Chests by heisenman (RPG Maker VX Tilesets)

The third sheet has all sorts of chests of various sizes and colors.


Tileset C: Exterior by heisenman (RPG Maker VX Tilesets)

The fourth sprite sheet is going to be useful for maps of the wilderness as it provides all kinds of trees and bushes or various colors, shapes and sizes.


Tile B: Exterior by heisenman (RPG Maker VX Tilesets)

The last sprite sheet in this article provided some more components which can be used outside such signs, barrels and trees.


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